Event Services follows University Policy and supporting procedures to accommodate space requests

Policies and Procedures


Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities

Events will work with the assigned coordinator to make sure the location and event set up matches the accommodations needed. Please contact the Office of Accessibility Services Accessibility Services | Utah Valley University for visitors who wish to request an accommodation related to accessing UVU services, programs, activities, facilities, or communications.

Structure Procedures

Structure Procedures

Updated 4/14/2021

The requirements of Policy 161: Freedom of Speech govern these procedures. These structure procedures may not violate Policy 161 and must be applied in a viewpoint-neutral and nondiscriminatory manner. To the extent there is a difference between Policy 161 and these procedures, Policy 161 will govern. See Policy 161 Section 4.14.


What is a structure?(See Policy 161 Section 3.7.)

What are commercial structures?(See Policy 161 Section 3.3.)

Who are members of the university community?(See Policy 161 Section 3.4.)

Who is a university organization?(See Policy 161 Section 3.10.)

Non-Commercial Structure Procedures (University community and University organizations): Members of the university community and their organizations may erect non-commercial structures on campus to express their views or opinions subject to the limitations on unlawful/unprotected speech and reasonable and nondiscriminatory time, place, and manner restrictions.

  • The requested structure must comply with Policy 161 and these procedures.
    • University maintenance personnel or other university officials may remove any noncommercial structures that do not comply with this policy.
    • A structure will be approved only if the request adheres to Policy 161. including the following:
      • The structure does not contain unprotected speech. Policy 161 Section 4.2.2.
      • The structure is deemed by UVU not to potentially cause a safety hazard, violate building/fire codes, or otherwise violate UVU facilities policies or procedures.
      • The structure will not impede the normal functions of or events of the University.
      • The structure will not block or impede entry to any building or interfere with normal pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
      • The structure will not cause physical damage to the campus or its landscaping.
      • Outdoor structures may not exceed 30 feet in width, 8 feet in height, and 8 feet in depth.
      • In door structures may not exceed 10 feet in width, 8 feet in height, 8 feet in depth.
      • Structures may not be used for habitation.
  • Members of the university community and their organizations that wish to erect a structure must first submit their request through 25 Live and complete the structure permit form at least 14 business days before the requested structure placement date. The structure request must then be approved by Event Services and Campus Connection.
  • Outdoor locations where structures may be placed are the SLWC Plaza and the Pope Science Courtyard. Indoor structure locations are the Lockhart Arena Concourse and the Student Life Wall (located in the Sorensen Student Center across from the bookstore).
  • Structures placed outside of the above listed locations will need additional approval from the area's supervisor.
  • Any structure request may be subject to additional approval by the university's Fire Marshall/Risk and Safety departments. This additional review will take place at the discretion of Event Services.
  • Generally, a structure can be placed for up to 7 days, 12 hours per day for booths and buildings of any kind, and 24 hours per day for other structures based on availability.
  • University organizations are not subject to the above-described procedures when they wish to place structures inside their office suites. University organizations wishing to place structures immediately outside of their office suites are not subject to the above-described procedures but must obtain prior written permission from the Campus Image Committee . University organizations are subject to the requirements of Policy 161 Freedom of Speech.

Commercial Structure Procedures Persons/organizations who are not members of the university community)

  • The policies and procedures for requesting a structure is the same as outlined above under Non-Commercial Structure Procedures sections 1-5.
  • The fee for the placement of commercial structures, indoor or outdoor, is $125.00/day per structure per organization.
  • The length of time, place, and manner of structure placement is up to the discretion of Event Services. Commercial structures may only be staffed for up to 8 hours per day between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm.
  • If the structure is set up overnight or otherwise after business hours, UVU is not responsible for any theft or damage to the structure. It is the responsibility of the organization requesting the structure to maintain its security.

Table Scheduling Procedures

Table Scheduling Procedures

The requirements of Policy 161: Freedom of Speech (Policy 161) governs these procedures. These Reserving Table Procedures are viewpoint-neutral, nondiscriminatory, and may not be interpreted to violate Policy 161. To the extent there is a difference between Policy 161 and these procedures, Policy 161 will govern. Refer to Policy 161.

What tables are covered by these procedures?

Any organization that would like to reserve a table in UVU hallways or concourses for commercial or non-commercial purposes to publicize a service or event must reserve a table through the campus scheduling office and follow these procedures.

Who are members of the university community?

For the purposes of Policy 161: Free Speech and the structure procedures, all enrolled students, all persons employed by the University, including but not limited to administrators, faculty, and staff, and all organizations comprised of members of the university community, such as UVUSA and chartered student clubs.

What is a university organization?

For purposes of Policy 161: Free Speech and the structure procedures, university administrative departments and academic schools/colleges, centers, institutes, or departments.

What is a table?

A table is used to display or disseminate information at various approved table locations throughout campus for daily use.

What is a fair?

A reservation is considered a fair when an event requires maximum table capacity in a concourse.

Reservation Procedures for Non-Commercial (UVU) Organization


University organizations may reserve a table through Event Services to promote their departmental resources and events. Tables are available on a first come first serve basis and reserved through 25Live. Requests to reserve a table must be received 10 business days before the requested date. Once approved, the reservation confirmation will be provided by e-mail within 5 business days. Tables are available Monday through Saturday anytime during UVU Hours of Operations


For an ongoing updated list of table locations visit 25Live. The LA Concourse and WB Concourse are for academic department use only.


If you wish to use food as part of your promotion you must follow UVU Policy 221 and work with UVU Catering Services.

UVU Student Clubs

Student clubs need to complete the Clubs Scheduling Request Form, on the Clubs website, to reserve tables. You can also contact the Clubs Office, clubs@uvu.edu, for other ways to promote your club.

Commercial Organizations

Commercial organizations may reserve one> table to pass out fliers/handbills or promote their organization. Tables are available Monday - Friday and scheduled through Event Services

At https://www.uvu.edu/eventservices/scheduling/form_external.html. Once approved, the reservation confirmation will be provided by e-mail within 5 business days.


The cost to reserve a table is $75.00 per reservation for any business or any non-UVU entity. The cost is $35.00 per reservation for a certified 501c3 non-profit and government organizations. The reservation fee covers the cost of using (one) 6ft x 3ft table, up to four chairs, a tablecloth, and table skirt (provided by Event Services).

Locations available for Outside Organization Rental

Table locations include the Student Life Wal, the Ragan Art Wall, the south end of the Hall of Flags, and the Lockhart Arena Concourse. Event Services will help clarify table location once scheduled.


For non-UVU entities to reserve a table, the entity you must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance and sign UVUs Use of Premises Agreement.

Recruiting Employees

Commercial and non-UVU organizations seeking to recruit potential employees must coordinate these efforts through the UVU Career Development Center.


Any person seeking to appeal decisions made pursuant to sections 4.8-4.14 of Policy 161 such as the denial of a request to post signs, notices, or posters; the removal of signs, notices, or posters by university staff; the assessment of damages caused by protests/demonstrations; the denial of permission to erect a structure or restrictions placed upon a structure's permit; etc., may do so by submitting a written appeal including the specific reasons for the appeal request within five business days of the adverse decision.

48-Hour Event Change Notice

Major changes of any event details cannot be made later than 48 hours (2 business days) before the date of the scheduled event.

Minors on Campus and Events

Events involving minors on UVU campus may be reviewed by the Compliance Office.

Major Event Definition and Protocols

Major Event Defined: Any planned gathering (including but not limited to celebrations, dances, lectures, forums, performances, rallies, social gatherings, concerts, speaker presentations, meetings, and conferences) to be held, in part or in full, Utah Valley University. For the purposes of determining Major Events, major events are classified as one of the following but are not limited to:

  1. The number of anticipated attendees exceeds limits established by the Major Events Assessment Committee (MEAC) as an event with 400 or more attendees
  2. The MEAC determines, through a security assessment, that the event is likely to significantly affect campus safety and security or significantly affect campus services;
  3. The MEAC determines that the event has a substantial likelihood of interfering with other campus functions or activities;
  4. The event is a dance, athletic event, or concert, regardless of how many attendees, unless otherwise exempted by criteria established by the MEAC.


Major Events Assessment Committee (MEAC) Defined: The university committee responsible for evaluating events for possible impact on campus functions or activities and concerns regarding safety or security, and for determining if an event should be classified as a major event. The MEAC is comprised of the Fire Marshal and representatives from the following university departments: UVU Police, Academic Scheduling, Emergency Management, Risk Management, Parking Services, General Counsel, and Event Services.

The Major Event Assessment Committee is tasked with setting protocols to ensure the UVU community enjoys all the rights and benefits that go along with the freedom of speech as outlined in UVU Policy 161 while following facility operating policies, having proper security, orderly space and resource availability, and prevention of substantial interference with the university's educational activities.


Procedures for Scheduling Major Events:

All major events must be formally scheduled through 25 Live 6 weeks in advance for the purpose of coordinating proper security, space availability, and avoiding substantial interference with the University's educational activities. The major events committee can make a recommendation to President's Council for approval for major events that are scheduled less than 6 weeks in advance but only if the Committee can complete the analysis provided in this procedure.


Changes to Existing Reservations

If there are any significant changes to a scheduled major event, such as a location or date change, the Major Events Assessment Committee must review the event again for space availability, security, and potential interference with educational activities even if the event has already been approved.

Event sponsor(s) must meet with the Major Event Assessment Committee, or its representative, to review event details at least two weeks before the event.


Purpose for MEAC

Major Event Assessment Committee will assess the level and nature of security necessary to protect people, property, and freedom of speech. Objective factors for consideration include but are not limited to: (a) the proposed location of the event, (b) the estimated number of participants, (c) the time of the day that the event will take place, (d) the date and day of the week of the event, (e) the proximity of the event to other activities or locations that may interfere, obstruct, or lessen the effectiveness of the security measures being implemented, (f) the personnel and equipment needed to secure the event, (g) the anticipated weather conditions, (h) the estimated duration of the event, and (i) any other objective viewpoint-and content-neutral considerations relevant to assessment of security needs.

The Major Event Assessment Committee will determine, based on its security assessment, those actions, contingency plans, or conditions deemed necessary to coordinate adequate security, ensure space availability, and prevent substantial interference with the University's educational activities. The Committee will offer security recommendations to the event coordinator to follow order for the event to take place



UVUPD will plan or recommend security measures for people, property, and speech rights based on the unique needs of the event Event is subject to security fees.



Expressive activity at indoor major events as well as outdoor major events will be subject to reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions in accordance with major event procedures. These objects listed below provide dangers to people, property, and speech, and are therefore prohibited at major events: motor vehicles on lawns or walkways, combative gear and weapons such as bats, helmets, torches, open flames, clubs, shields, and knives.

  • Reviews scheduling request to determine if the event needs to be assessed by the Major Events Assessment Committee.


UVU Police

  • Coordinates and provides safety and security services at campus events.
  • Conducts security assessments for major events.


Risk Services

  • Determines appropriate insurance requirements for major events.


Fire Marshal

  • Determines safety requirements for vendors, activities and security measures for property and safety of participants
Location Procedures

Parking Lots

Events held in UVU parking lots may require additional approvals from Parking Services, Police, Fire, Risk Management, and/or Safety. THe Major Events Assessment Committee may need to assess events held in UVU parking lots as well.

Specialty Conference Rooms

Specialty conference rooms on campus may require additional approval to schedule for meetings or events. Event Services will notify the event organizer if such approvals are needed.

FL Bingham Gallery

Use of the FL Bingham Gallery for internal events requires written VP approval submitted to Event Services prior to the confirmation of the event. The FL Bingham Gallery is not available for external events.

When can I schedule Indoor Event Space?

*Priority UVU Group Event Scheduling will be completed prior to these dates, please work with your department representative for priority scheduling. No events can be scheduled in Academic Spaces the first (3) weeks of the semester and during final exam weeks and the end of every semester.*

These dates listed below are the general scheduling timeline that events can be requested and submitted to Event Services for the upcoming school year.

UVU Indoor Event Space


UVU Groups

Non-UVU Groups




August 1, (same year)

August 15, (same year)






March 1, (same year)

April 1st, (same year)

*All dates are flexible or subject to change depending on the completion of academic scheduling. All academic classroom scheduling will be completed before any events can be scheduled in designated academic space for the upcoming school year. We schedule events on an academic calendar and cannot schedule events for future events outside of the proposed schedule.*

When can I schedule Outdoor Event Space?

Outdoor event space can be requested for the following school year by the dates listed. Outdoor event space are available one a first come, first serve basis, according to the Freedom of Speech Policy 161.


UVU Outdoor Space


UVU and Non- UVU Groups




Fall (August-December)

July 1, (same year)





July 1, (prior year)





March 1, (same year)

Outdoor Events Ending After 10:30pm

Please review the guidelines regarding Orem Campus, Outdoor Events Ending after 10:30 p.m.

Appeals Form

Any person seeking to appeal decisions made pursuant to Scheduling Policy 425, including but not limited to, event request denials, cancellations, and assessment of fees or damages, may do so by submitting the following form.