AWS Cloud Solutions Architect: Associate Certificate

Cloud Computing

What Students Learn

  • Fundamental cloud concepts for AWS.
  • Understanding AWS core services.
  • Introduction to security and architecture on AWS.
  • Deploying a static site on AWS.
  • Architecting for security on AWS.
  • Architecting for cost on AWS.
  • Architecting for operational excellence on AWS.
  • Architecting for performance efficiency on AWS.

Program Highlights

  • Prepares students for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam
  • Length of Program: 25 hours
  • Students learn the Well-Architected Framework


The AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Certificate is a self-paced online program powered by Pluralsight with a UVU faculty facilitator. Students who successfully complete this course will learn the fundamentals of cloud computing on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, preparing them to successfully pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. Topics covered give them the knowledge needed to properly address basic security needs and compliance requirements. Students learn to utilize the Well-Architected Framework for building high-performing, resilient, secure, and efficient infrastructures on the AWS Cloud.