Principles of Software Testing

Woman testing software

What Students Learn

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have learned to develop a test plan and to design, implement, and execute software test cases using a variety of testing methodologies. They will know how to rigorously evaluate and report on the results of their tests as they work with different test types and testing environments. Through case studies, students apply these methodologies to real life testing scenarios. By utilizing analysis techniques, students learn how to evaluate product readiness prior to shipping/release.

Program Highlights

  • Prepares students for careers as Manual Software Testers
  • Length of Program: 9 week, 90-hour course
  • Covers a comprehensive breadth of testing methodologies


The Principles of Software Testing Software course prepares students for careers as Manual Software Testers. A comprehensive curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills required to enter and advance in the software development industry as manual testers.