Senior Leadership Program @ Cambridge

September 13th - 25th, 2020

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Shawn Neider
Coordinator, Executive Programs

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UVU Executive Education will review and evaluate the experience, goals, and qualifications of each applicant in order to determine a final list of highly qualified and diverse participants. Space in the program is limited to 15 participants, and applications are processed on a rolling basis. Successful applicants will receive a Letter of Acceptance after which full payment must be received in order to confirm the applicant’s status as a program participant.

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no later than April 15th, 2020

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Your Growth

Discover global trends and opportunities for expansion and acquisition.

Your Leadership Skills

Learn from eminent faculty and C-level executives to strengthen your leadership abilities.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Build a network of global leaders, innovators, and peers.

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Senior Corporate Executives

Senior Government Officials

Senior Non-Profit Professionals


Venture Capitalists

Participant Application for the Senior Leadership Program @ Cambridge

Driving Enterpreneurial Ecosystems

Utah Valley University | September 13-15, 2020

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Application Deadline: March 20th, 2020
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Program Fee: $25,000 USD

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Payment, Cancellation & Other Important Policies

UVU Executive Education reserves the right to determine the final list of Participants. See Program Application for details and deadlines.

Full payment is due upon Applicant's notification of acceptance as a Participant in the Program. Participant will be invoiced by email, and payment may be made by check, major credit card, or bank wire transfer. See Program Costs for details about what costs are covered by the Program Fee and what costs are the responsibility of the Participant.

Should Participant cancel, Participant (or the sponsoring Organization) will be charged a cancellation fee equal to: i) 50% of the Program fee if on or before May 20th, 2020; or ii) 100% of the Program fee if after May 20th, 2020. UVU Executive Education reserves the right to postpone or cancel the Program by giving Participant at least thirty (30) days notice.

Please note that photography, audio, and video recording may occur during the Program and may be used in whatsoever medium desired by UVU for marketing, publicity and social media purposes. If you do not wish to have your image recorded or published for compelling grounds relating to your particular situation, please inform us via email before the start of the Program. UVU shall not be responsible for photographs and/or videos taken by unauthorized persons during the Program.

By submitting this Application, you agree that UVU may collect, use and disclose your personal data, as provided in this Application, for the following purpose in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and our data protection policy, including disclosure and transfer of your data to the third party service providers, agents and/or our affiliates or related corporations that provide administration, data processing, computer or other services to UVU. Please visit our website for further details on our data security and private information policy.
Applications may also be submitted by email. To submit via email, or for Program questions, please contact Shawn Neider, Coordinator of Executive Programs at or (801) 863-8043

Week 1 Silicon Fen

Sun, Sep 13th – Sat, Sep 19th, 2020

The region surrounding Cambridge known as “Silicon Fen” owes its success to a cross-pollination of ideas between academia, government, and more than 3,500 high-tech businesses. This ecosystem of innovation has propelled Silicon Fen into being one of the most influential technology centers in Europe.

Silicon Fen. . .

  • is Europe’s largest and most important Tech Center.
  • includes 4,700+ tech companies linked to Cambridge University.
  • accounts for combined annual revenues of $46 billion and employed over 230,000 workers.
  • attracts 24% of Europe’s total annual venture capital investment.

Within the hallowed halls of Cambridge University, you’ll learn from world-renowned faculty, researchers, and respected leaders of business & government. Inspired by the culture of Silicon Fen, week one will focus on mapping ecosystems, developing global partnerships, strategic innovation & disruption, and leading effectively in dynamic political and economic landscapes.

You'll experience:

  • Traditional Cambridge “punting” (guided river tours) on the River Cam.
  • Black-tie, high table dinners with select members of the House of Lords.
  • Discover exciting ventures at legendary Cambridge Science Park.

Week 2 Silicon Slopes

Sun, Sep 20th – Fri, Sep 25th, 2020

In the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Utah, you’ll find one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, commonly called “Silicon Slopes.” Exemplary collaborations between business, government, and industry have fostered a vibrant tech community and a veritable hotbed of over 6,500 entrepreneurial ventures.

Silicon Slopes. . .

  • includes 6,500+ tech companies and startups, including multiple Unicorns ($1+ billion valuation).
  • accounts for $29.9 billion in annual gross domestic product and 302,000+ employees.
  • attracts $14+ billion in annual venture capital investment.

Hosted by Utah Valley University in nearby Park City, week two will explore the factors critical to success in a rapidly changing market. Learning topics include ecosystem development, inclusion & diversity, capital attraction & creation, advanced communications, financial & learning technologies, and execution excellence.

You’ll experience:

  • Exciting outdoor leadership and teambuilding activities.
  • Learning from the leaders of Utah’s “unicorn” successes.
  • Tours of prominent VC accelerators and incubators.


Guided by the program’s theme, Driving Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, this two-week intensive offers a curriculum focused on honing your leadership capabilities. Learning objectives will be:

  • Leading in an ever-changing market
  • Leading with the support of global partnerships
  • Leading by improving your ability to execute

Leadership through change, partnership, and execution is creating the fastest growing economies in the world. Understanding and mastering these principles is integral to sustainable success in the dynamic economic and political landscapes of today.

Leadership Through Change

Reverberations from the worst financial crisis in the last 80 years continue to reshape markets and economies around the world. The globalization of markets, rapid economic and technological changes, and the interdependency of political and financial systems creates both opportunity and risk for intrepid entrepreneurs. In order to lead in the face of such uncertainty, bold and new ways of thinking are required. Successful leaders not only understand and anticipate the fundamental drivers of change, but become drivers of change themselves.

Leadership Through Partnership

The relentless march of technology, access to global markets, and an abundance of capital have led to lower entry barriers and increasing competition in every industry. The value of incumbency is declining in favor of speed, innovation, and disruption. Only the fittest will survive and only the best will thrive—but no organization can do so all on its own. Strong leaders will be the catalyst of an ecosystem made up of agile, entrepreneurial partners, bound together by self-interest, complementary investment, and shared learning. These local clusters of business, industry, government, and social impact organizations can constitute a collective mindset, empowered to not only find new opportunities, but create them too.

Leadership Through Execution

While there are many styles of leadership, successful leadership only has one end: results. Experiential learning, personal coaching, and peer review will help you examine your personal governing and management style. You will improve your ability to execute by identifying specific skills, strategies, techniques, and methodologies that inspire greater commitment, accountability, diversity & inclusion, innovation, collaboration, and conflict resolution.

Learning Methodology & Outcomes

Empowered by UVU’s mission to Include, Engage, and Achieve, we provide participants in our program access to eminent faculty, instructors, experts, and other notable VIPs, each of whom has been carefully selected based on their diverse and extensive backgrounds. Taught by internationally recognized faculty and senior executives, the program will combine classroom instruction with practical applications, site visits, exclusive presentations, and networking opportunities.

Because the program is limited to 15 participants, you’ll have the unique opportunity to dialogue in-depth with an elite group of leaders from diverse fields and disciplines; this makes for an experience of unrivaled quality, relevance, intensity, and challenge. Over the course of the two-week program, participants will refine their analytic skills, gain new approaches to management, strengthen their understanding of leadership, and grow their network. Most importantly, participants will be guided in mapping out the ecosystem (both its opportunities and challenges) specific to their organization.