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Live Interactive

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Managed and facilitated by Utah Valley University’s Office of Extended Studies, University and Concurrent Enrollment high school students can participate in classes taught in real-time from a variety of regional sites via a fully interactive video conference.

Each student can ask questions, interact, and communicate with their instructor and fellow classmates who are participating from multiple locations as if they were all in the same classroom.

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Facilitators help deliver the Live Interactive courses at the UVU and high school distance sites. They make sure the students are able to participate in the courses by providing a successful learning environment, proctoring exams, transferring materials from the site to UVU, and managing the technical equipment.

Course Specialists

Course Specialists provide technical and logistical assistance to students and instructors throughout the semester. Some of the things that we can assist you with are:

  • Troubleshooting Canvas functionality
  • Facilitating contact with your instructor
  • General technical support

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Manager, Live Interactive Support Services
EE 112-C
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