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Extended Studies Student Resources

It takes a lot to be a student whether you’re studying on or off the main campus. Extended Studies has compiled the following list of links to help you get the information you need to make student life as frictionless and rewarding as possible.

All you need to know about
becoming a part of UVU.

Advising & Counseling
Because you can't major in "undecided."


A trove of degree-enabling materials and
all things UVU, including books.


An epic compilation of UVU's 
offerings and culture.


Concurrent Enrollment
Earn UVU credit while still in high school?
What's not to love.


Dates and Deadlines
Your academic life revolves around
these dates and times.




Financial Aid
Finding the dollars to fund your education
should not get in the way of your future.


Until the library provides showers (never), 
you need a place to live.


Your epicenter of resources.
Except showers, see housing.


Lost and Found
Find this place and 
you're half way there.



Buy your parking permit to stay citation-free.
Or pay for your citation(s) and THEN buy a permit.


You need to become a number and
we mean that in a most personable way.


Testing Services
Helping you keep the inevitable, manageable.


Where you pay to play.


A literal grade saver and mental stabilizer.


Share your positive vibes.