What Is RTP

Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP) refers to the processes for earning tenure and rank advancement for full-time faculty at UVU. These processes are governed by University policies and approved department RTP criteria.

Faculty should regularly review the following policies to ensure that they are aware of the requirements and processes for RTP:

Policy 632: Assignment and Advancement in Academic Rank

Policy 633: Annual Faculty Reviews

Policy 635: Faculty Rights and Professional Responsibilities

Policy 637: Faculty Tenure

Policy 638: Post-Tenure Review


About Tenure

Tenure is “a condition of continuing employment, awarded to qualified faculty members, that promotes academic freedom, attracts professionals of ability, and enhances the quality of the University’s academic programs” (Policy 637 § 3.8). It is intended to ensure that the faculty at UVU are highly qualified and worthy of ongoing student, University, and state support.

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About Promotion

Promotion in academic rank is granted to full-time faculty in recognition of distinctive achievement. Promotions are not based on the length of time at a particular rank, nor are they a condition of continuing employment; rather, each promotion is evaluated on its own merit, recognizing not merely what has been accomplished, but also the promise for future achievement.

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