Faculty List Services

What is a listserv?

Mailing lists service, or more commonly known as listserv, uses your email to send and receive message to everyone on a list. Only people on the list can see the message. Listservs can be used for discussions or newsletters. People can subscribe or unsubscribe at their own discretion. In an effort to help faculty engaged in discussion with other faculty and Faculty Center staff, the FCTE has created two listervs for faculty to join:

  • Engaged Teaching and Learning: for discussions on teaching, student learning, pedagogy etc. 
  • Engaged Scholarship: for discussions on research or scholarship at UVU, undergraduate research/scholarship, etc .

How to Join a Listserv?

From the email you to subscribe from, send an email to sympa@lists.uvu.edu with "subscribe list name" in the subject line. Or click on the sympa@lists.uvu.edu under each bullet to open a new email with the correct email and subject line automatically put in the email. 

  • Newsletter

Stay up to date on upcoming Faculty Center events, programs, and teaching resources. To join, email sympa@lists.uvu.edu with subscribe fcte@lists.uvu.edu in the subject line from the email you want to subscribe. List name is fcte@lists.uvu.edu.

  • Engaged Teaching & Learning Forum

To join, email sympa@lists.uvu.edu with subscribe engaged_teaching@lists.uvu.edu in the subject line from the email you want to subscribe. List name is engaged_teaching@lists.uvu.edu. 

  • Engaged Scholarship & Undergraduate Scholarship Forum

To join, email sympa@lists.uvu.edu with subscribe engaged_scholarship@lists.uvu.edu in the subject line from the email you want to subscribe. List name is engaged_scholarship@lists.uvu.edu. 

Subscriber Options

Because of list settings, receive will get a message immediately after it is sent to the list. However, list members can change their subscriber options to receive daily summaries of discussion rather than immediate messages. If you prefer to receive daily summaries, go to lists.uvu.edu/sympa and log on to change your setting. On left is a section titled "Manage Your Subscriptions". Choose the list you want to change settings. On left you will find "Subscriber Options". Look for the field called "Receiving Mode:". Change from standard (direct reception) to summary mode. Finally, make sure to click "update" to save changes. 

Sending Messages 

Sending messages to list is simple. In the "TO:" field of the email, type the list name. The list name for Engaged Teaching & Learning Forum is engaged_teaching@lists.uvu.edu. The list name for the Engaged Scholarship & Undergraduate Scholarship forum is engaged_scholarship@lists.uvu.edu. The rest of the email is the same as sending a regular email. Attachments can be sent to everyone the list. You can reply to a message sent to the list. Your reply will be sent to everyone on the lists and save in the archives.


An online archive is kept for each list. To access the online archive, log on to lists.uvu.edu/sympa homepage. Select the appropriate list. On the left is a link to archive. You can search for topics in the listserv or search old post. 

Proper Etiquette

Please respect others when sending a message to the list. Mean spirited or personal attacks will not be tolerated even in controversial or hot button discussions. Mean spirited or personal attacks may be removed from the list by the owners. 

Unsubscribing from a List

One way to unsubscribe from a list is to log on the lists.uvu.edu/sympa. Select the list the want to unsubscribe. The  "Unsubscribe" link is on the left. Or you can email sympa@lists.uvu.edu with unsubscribe name of list in the subject line


There is help tab on the sympa homepage if you want more information.