Adjunct FAQ

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  • Pay Calendars

    Please visit this link to see the adjunct pay dates. Select the fall 2014 pay adjunct/overload pay calendar. 

  • Adjunct Pay Rate

    To view adjunct faculty pay rate, click here

  • Instruction for final grades and how to enter final grades on UVLink.

    For information on how to do final grades and enter final grades in UVLink, please visit this records website

  • Parking Regulation and Adjunct Professors

    Adjuncts are required to apply for an employee parking permit every semester. Adjuncts can register for a new permit online through the parking website here. Registration is available three weeks prior to the new semester. For further details, please consult the parking website. UVU doesn't use hanging permits or decals. UVU parking uses a license plate recognition system. You must park in the stall with your license plate facing out. If your license plate isn't facing out, you may receive a warning or a citation from Parking Services. For more information about the license plate recognition, please visit this website

  • Official Email for Adjuncts

    The Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence strongly encourages adjuncts to regularly check their UVU email. As part of the UVU community, adjuncts are included in official UVU announcements and messages sent to the UVU email. The UVU email utilizes the Mircosoft Outlook application available on both Macs and PCs. Your email can also be accessed online through the email services webpage here. Your default email address is your UV ID number The default address can and should be changed. 

  • How to Change Outlook Email Address

    Click on the "personalize your account" on right side of the email services webpage.Then select "change your email address". Then log into the "email address utility" with you UVID and password. The password is the same your password. Next select the change button from "outgoing address". Then choose email from provided options. Finally, save changes and logout

  • Forwarding Outlook Email

    While it is possible to forward your UVU Outlook email to another email like gmail, it's not encouraged. Some issues exist when the UVU email is forwarded to third party email. If you still would like to set up auto-forwarding of your UVU email, please visit or call the IT Service Desk; the phone number is (801) 863-8888 or they are located in BA-007 from 7 am - 6 pm Monday through Friday.

  • UVLink Email

    UVLink has an email function, but it is not the same as your Outlook email. The UVLink email is used primarily for registration. If a students contacts your before the class starts, it will be through the UVLink email. UVLink email can be forwarded. To forward the email, click on the email button in the upper right hand corner of UVLink and click on the link at the bottom of the email platform. Enter your preferred email. Many adjuncts forward their UVLink email to their Outlook email.