Events and Programs


Learning Circles

Learning Circles are made up of faculty, staff and students who a part of the teaching and learning culture on campus. Learning Circles are facilitated by a member from the group. Learning Circles are held twice a month on a specific day and time. Each Learning Circle reads and discusses a book during the semester. Books focus on teaching, student learning, pedagogy or engagement. The goal of the Learning Circle is to provide a community for faculty to discuss teaching and learning with each other. Spring 2015 Learning Circle books: 

Teaching Academy

The Teaching Academy is a faculty development program designed to assist faculty in higher education from various disciplines enrich their teaching. The goal of the Teaching Academy is to learn effective skills and techniques for increased student learning. The Learner-Centered Teaching model is utilized as a framework for engaged teaching and learning. The focus is on using methods for student learning rather than teaching. It also emphasizes the development of a "community of faculty learners". For more information, please visit the TA webpage. 

Cutting Edge Teaching Seminar 

The Cutting Edge Teaching Seminar is here to give teaching the edge that it needs! Presenters are brought in to discuss innovative or effective teaching strategies for the classroom. These are held once a month on Friday. Check out the archives here for past Cutting Edge Seminars. 

New Faculty Teaching Scholars (NFTS)

This program helps new full-time faculty members acclimate to the UVU campus. It focuses on faculty development and encourages new avenues of communication and collaboration across departments. It is taught by experienced faculty and invited campus speakers. New faculty are encouraged to think of new ideas for teaching, scholarship, and engagement. 

Full-time faculty who are new hires (lecturers, tenure-track assistant and associate professors) are encouraged to participate in the NFTS program. This is a year-long program that usually meets for lunch every other week in the fall and five times in the spring. These meetings are focused on helping faculty understand an academic career, locate and identify essential resources on campus, create a learning cohort, establish relationships with faculty from across campus, and to begin the process of discussing a coherent teaching philosophy. The meetings often alternate between discussing career/extended orientation issues and discussions of readings related to learner-centered teaching. All faculty in the NFTS are encouraged to participate in the Teaching Academy beginning in their 2nd year. Department Chairs of new faculty are encouraged to ensure that new faculty are not scheduled to teach during the lunch hour when the NFTS meets.

Student Consulting on Teaching (SCOT) Program

A faculty member can voluntarily request to work with a SCOT. The SCOT provides the faculty member with feedback on how learning is happening in their classroom from a student perspective. SCOT utilize different services. To learn more about the SCOT program, visit their website. 


Scholarship on Teaching and Engagement (SoTE) Conference

The Scholarship of Teaching and Engagement conference is held annually to present scholarship on engaged teaching and learning, community engagement, and program assessment. Visit the SoTE website for more details

Engagement Week 

Engagement Week is held in conjunction with the SoTE conference. Engagement Week highlights student scholarly activities from across campus.

Great Teachers Summit

The Great Teachers Summit is held in October. Faculty from across the state meet to celebrate good teaching and share ideas. Please visit the Great Teachers Webpage for more information.