SCOT Program

Student consultants can observe, conduct a focus group with a class, film the class, act as a faux student, or the professor and student consultant can create an original approach to improve the teaching and learning environment for the course. For example, websites have been created, research has been conducted, and tests have been redesigned. During the Fall 2011 to Spring 2012, the syllabus and Canvas review were marketed and experienced positive professor response. The Students Consulting on Teaching (SCOT) program, as a voluntary program, requires professors to individually request our services. As a program, our mission is to work with professors to promote and implement engaged teaching and learning practices at UVU. The voluntary nature of our program is in affect so that when a student consultant works with a professor, both are aware that the professor is willing to and wants to work with the program to get confidential and immediate feedback about the teaching and learning atmosphere and practices within the classroom as well as feedback from students currently taking the class.

Overall, the program has received positive feedback and responses from the faculty at UVU. The program currently has 9 SCOTs, with positions soon to be filled. The program expects to maintain 10-20 SCOTs over the coming years. The SCOT Program functions as a resource for faculty to receive confidential feedback about their teaching from a student perspective.

SCOT Coordinator 

Brittany Day 

Phone: 801-863-6353

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