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Faculty Consultations Program


Faculty Consultation Program Description (This is not the SCOT program)

The Faculty Consultation Program is similar to the Mentor program, but more limited in scope. Rather than establishing an ongoing relationship for a defined period of time (usually a semester or a year), the faculty member who wishes assistance may request it from the Faculty Center. This is usually a one-off arrangement where a consultant from the Faculty Center, or an assigned Advisor, will meet with the faculty member and provide immediate input. They may also request materials from the faculty member to review ahead of time to prepare for the meeting and may then make suggestions to the faculty member with ideas to improve. Similar to the Mentor Program, this information is considered confidential and will not be released to administrative sources without consent from the faculty member.

Services that may be requested include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Input on Syllabi and Overall Course Design
  • Suggestions on ways to evaluate student outcomes and to effectively make use of assessment tools
  • Observation and feedback - this involves videotaping one or more class sessions and then providing feedback with the video to the faculty member
  • Suggestions and ideas about engaged course assignments or ways to engage the community from the classroom
  • Engaged Teaching Evaluation -- evaluation of overall teaching performance using the Core Principles of Engaged Teaching (see the Faculty Center homepage for more information)
  • Implementation of inquiry and collaborative learning methods in the classroom
  • Input regarding increasing student responsibility and accountability for learning
  • Input regarding ways to raise student self-awareness of their learning styles
  • Suggestions for incorporating skill development into the classroom

If you are interested in a consultation request contact Ursula Sorensen at 801-863-8372 or submit the online form below. 

Peer Consultation Request for Services