Teaching Awards

UVU Teaching Awards

2014 Faculty Senate Excellence Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the Faculty Senate Teaching Excellence Awards 

 School of Arts

Lisa Hagen 2014 FS AwardFull-Time: Lisa Hagen, Theatre Department Adjunct: Lara Beene, Theatre Department  Lara Beene FS Award 2014


School of Education

Ann Sharp 2014 FS AwardFull-Time: Ann Sharp, Elementary Education Department     Adjunct: Pam Turley,Elementary Education Department Pam Turley FS Award 2014


College of Aviation and Public Safety

Matt Duffin 2014 FS AwardFull-Time: Matt Duffin, Criminal Justice Department                                      Adjunct: Matthew McNabb, Emergency Servicesblank
College of Science and Health
Coleen Hough 2014 FS Award Full-Time: Collen Hough, Biology Department             Adjunct: Ursula Sorensen, Community Health Department Ursula Sorensen FS Award 2014


University College

Roxanne Brinkerhoff 2014 FS AwardFull-Time: Roxanne Brinkerhoff, Developmental Math Department     Adjunct: Konda Luckau, Developmental Math Department Konda Luckau FS Award 2014


Woodbury School of Business

Larry Carter 2014 FS Award Full-Time: Larry Carter, Marketing Department                 Adjunct: Mike Davis, Business Management DepartmentMike Davis FS Award 2014


College of Technology & Computing

Anne Arendt 2014 FS Award Full-Time: Anne Arendt, Technology Management Department

    Adjunct: Jonathan Allred, Engineering Graphics Department Jonathan Allred FS Award 2014


College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Michael Minch 2014 FS Award Full-Time: Michael Minch, Philosophy Department

    Adjunct: Liz Owens, Behavioral Science Department blank 



2013 Faculty Senate Excellence Awards

School of Arts

  • Full-Time: Reed Criddle 
  • Adjunct: Jon Liddiard

School of Education 

  • Full-Time: Kristin Wright
  • Adjunct: Julie Nelson

College of Aviation & Public Safety

  • Full-Time: Kenneth Cook 
  • Adjunct: Nancy Robison

College of Science & Health

  • Full-Time: Joe Jensen
  • Adjunct: Dean Jennings

University College

  • Full-Time: Joshua Hilst
  • Adjunct: Micah Bradshaw

Woodbury School of Business

  • Full-Time: Mohammed El-Saidi
  • Adjunct: Whitney Taylor

College of Technology & Computing 

  • Full-Time: Keith Mulberry 
  • Adjunct: Rory Henrie

College of Humanities & Social Sciences 

  • Full-Time: Nancy Tobler
  • Adjunct: Tammy Christensen 

National Teaching Awards 

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U.S. Professor of the Yea

  • Sponsored by CASE and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
  • Deadline: April 14, 2014

Maryellen Weimer Scholarly Work on Teaching and Learning Award

  • Sponsored by The Teaching Professor
  • Deadline: 2014 nominations are closed

Ernest A. Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty

  • Sponsored by the New England Resource Center for Higher Education 
  • Deadline: May 16, 2014

Excellence in Teaching First-Year Seminars Award

  • Sponsored by National Resource Center 
  • Deadline: Closed