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Welcome, Wolverines!

Portrait of President Astrid S. Tuninez

We know that this is a challenging and unique time, but it is also a time for growth and learning. There is no better place for you than UVU this fall!

As you may have already heard, fall semester of 2020 will be distinct. We are making unprecedented changes to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible education and experience while also ensuring your safety. I am confident that your time will be productive and memorable, you will learn and grow in new ways, and you will make meaningful friendships and connections.

The faculty, staff, and administration at UVU are dedicated to providing the absolute best learning experiences possible using an array of technologies and methods, including online, face-to-face, and livestream. We are prepared to support you no matter what form your classes take so that you will have the greatest chances for success.

So, come get started or be ready to continue what you’ve already started. You are Wolverines! You are strong and resilient!

Your proud president,

Signature of President Astrid S. Tuninez

How courses will be offered in fall 2020

The traditional classroom setting is tricky with the safety rules and guidelines for health protection during a pandemic. So, we’ve had to modify things a bit.

Most classes will be offered in one of the following methods:

Face to face (includes labs)

Students in class wearing masks
Your class or lab is held live in a UVU classroom on specific days and times. Most students in face-to-face classes will rotate between being in the classroom and participating via livestream. Lectures are also recorded. Seating will be modified to support social distancing.  Students will be required to wear masks in the classroom.
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Traditional online

Female student doing school work on her laptop on her bed
Your class is 100% online through Canvas, and you do not meet on a specific day or time. Assignments may have specific due dates.
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Livestream (NEW!)

Student attending a live streamed class from home
Your class is held live, but you join from home (or anywhere else!) on your computer or device. You will participate in class sessions on specific days and times and be able to interact with the instructor and others on camera.
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How to be successful in fall 2020

Fall will be a bit different from what you expected or experienced in previous semesters. Here are a few helpful guides to support your success:

  1. Connect with your academic advisor. Your advisor will be able to help you select courses and answer questions about your next steps.
  2. Take advantage of UVU services to support your success. UVU is committed to supporting you always, but especially during these unique times. Check out dozens of resources to help you succeed.
  3. Use technology as needed. You have several tools to help you succeed in the classroom. Use Canvas for your coursework and to submit assignments. Microsoft Teams, Proctorio, and other platforms can be useful for virtual meetings with professors and classmates.
  4. Embrace online. Online learning continues to evolve and improve. Even if you’ve tried taking a class online in the past, times have changed. You may really enjoy the experience. Give it a try. For additional online help, check out our Tips & Tricks.
  5. Make education a priority. Continuing your education is always a good decision. Now more than ever, we’re making sure there are a variety of ways to continue your progress toward your degree.
  6. Check your schedule frequently. All classes at UVU will be designated as online, face to face, or livestream. If you have already registered for a face-to-face class, it may have been changed to another delivery method. After June 15, you should review your schedule to make sure the delivery method works for you.
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Fall FAQs

We know you still have questions about what to expect this fall. Check out the FAQs below to see answers to questions other students have asked. Do you still have a question? No problem! Send us an email at academiccontinuity@uvu.edu.

We want you to feel confident about your decision to take UVU classes this fall.

Question Answer

What if I already have a schedule ready for fall?

We are working to reclassify all affected courses so that they reflect face to face, livestream, or online. Keep an eye out for an email to know when the system has been updated. Also, be sure to check your schedule frequently. The way some of your courses are delivered may change.

Will there be any changes to the schedule this semester?

Classes start on August 24. The semester will move forward as planned until Thanksgiving break (November 23-28). After Thanksgiving, the final two weeks of classes and finals week will be online only. Check out all semester dates on the Registrar page.

If I’m registered for a face to face class, how will I know which days I attend face to face and which days will be live stream?

Your instructor will inform you, but a useful guide will be based on whether your birthdate is an odd or even day. For example, January 11 is odd, and December 12 is even. Even number days will meet face to face on Monday & Tuesday. Odd number days will meet face to face on Wednesday & Thursday.

With everything going on, what if I’m nervous about paying tuition?

Talk to Financial Aid. They can help. You can schedule a phone appointment or start a live chat. You can also email a question.

Will the fall semester start as scheduled?

Yes, fall semester begins on August 24. See all semester dates and deadlines.

How will I know how my course will be delivered?

When you register, you will see each course designated as “face to face,” “online,” or “livestream.” Be sure to check the delivery method for each of your courses.

Some courses, including labs, may be difficult to take online. How will these courses be offered?

We are making every possible effort to keep labs and certain courses as face-to-face delivery to provide the best possible mode of instruction. When you register for the course, you will see the course delivery method.

Will I be required to wear a mask?

Masks will be required for students attending face to face courses. Masks will be encouraged for all faculty, staff, and students outside of the classroom while on campus.

Do I need specialized equipment to access my classes?

Usually no, UVU uses Microsoft Teams and Canvas to provide lecture videos, live streaming and collaboration tools. For more information on supported systems and browsers for these applications please see:

UVU Canvas website Basic computer requirements for Canvas Microsoft Teams Hardware Requirements Download the Microsoft Teams app

Will I need to go to the Bookstore to buy my textbooks?

All textbook purchases have been moved online, and you can now order your textbooks via Bookmatch. Your required textbooks for the Fall 2020 classes you are enrolled in will automatically upload so you can easily add them to your online cart for purchase.

If I take an online or live streamed course, how do I access a webcam?

You purchase a webcam online or through a number of retailers. If you cannot purchase one, webcams are now available to checkout from the UVU Fulton Library. Please go to the first floor circulation desk during the FL modified hours. To check out a laptop or tablet, you must provide your UVU ID and be a current undergraduate or graduate student registered for classes. This service is only available to actively enrolled students.

Do I need a different login to access my online or live streamed course?

No. You will log in to myUVU with your UV ID and password, then click on the Canvas link.

What if I do not have a computer to participate in online classes?

If you don’t have a computer, laptops and tablets are now available to check out from the UVU Fulton Library. Only the student signing the agreement is allowed to pick up a laptop or tablet at check-out. Each student is limited to one (1) laptop or tablet to check out at a time. Laptops and tablets are subject to availability.

What do I do if I don’t have access to internet at home and I’m taking an online class?

If you don’t have a reliable internet connection at home, you can use student study areas on campus, go to a public library, or visit other places where the internet is publicly available.

What should I do if I need assistance with my computer?

Contact the Utah Valley University Service Desk for technical support. Call (801) 863-8888. Help is available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Are there resources to help me in becoming an online student?

Please visit the Office of Teaching and Learning's Being an Online Student page, which provides tips to help you adjust. You can also contact a Student Success Specialist for additional assistance.

What if I need an accommodation for a class?

Please contact the Office of Accessibility Services. If you have concerns about a current accommodation, work with your Office of Accessibility Services counselor.

What if I need to drop my classes? When is the last day to drop?

The drop deadlines for fall semester classes are as follows: August 28: First block classes
September 8: Full semester classes
September 14: Weekend classes
October 21: Second block classes
Check out all registration dates and deadlines on the Registrar page.

What’s the difference between live interactive and livestream?

Live Interactive classes are held live but students join via broadcast at a UVU remote site or classroom. Livestream classes are also held live but students join from home or wherever they want.

Will face to face classes finish at Thanksgiving Break?

No, classes will not finish at Thanksgiving break. However, all but a very few courses will move to livestream or online to reduce the spread of COVID after Thanksgiving break.

For additional FAQs visit Coronavirus Student FAQs