Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Appropriated and Non-appropriated Index Code? 

The funding source for Appropriated Index Codes is state legislated funds and student tuition.  These funds are allocated through the Budget Office.  Non-Appropriated Index Codes are funded by other revenue sources, student fee revenue, grant and contract revenue, etc. Appropriated Index Codes can usually be identified as all numeric, or may end with U, L, or V. GEL grants are also Appropriated Index Codes. Non-appropriated Index Codes usually start with a letter which indicates the program or fund associated with that index.  Index Codes using Activity Codes are usually all alphabetic and may be either Appropriated or Non-Appropriated.

Do Appropriated funds carry forward to the next Fiscal Year?

Any carryforward of appropriated funds is determined annually by the President. Some in-process appropriated fund projects may carry forward as Designated Projects if application is made and approved through the Budget Office. Budget for outstanding purchase orders will also carryforward into next fiscal year so that purchases ordered in the prior year can be paid for with prior year budget.

Do Non-Appropriated funds carry forward to the next Fiscal Year?

Non-Appropriated Index Codes usually carryforward fund balance remaining into the next year.   Student Fee and Athletic Fees are carried forward with permission only, Federal & State Contracts carry forward only amounts remaining on the contract.

When do I use a Budget Transfer form instead of a Journal Entry form?

Use a Budget Transfer form when you want to move Budget between two Appropriated indexes. A Budget Transfer is for Appropriated Index Codes ONLY.  Use it for these budget categories only: hourlyfaculty, hourly staff, benefits, current, travel and capital

Use a Journal Entry Form to request a transfer of actual expenses and revenues that have already posted to a different Index Code.  Journal entries can be between both Appropriated or between Appropriated and Non-Appropriated Index Codes.  The real difference is that the JE form is used for moving transactions not budget. 

When considering if a Budget Transfer or Journal Entry is more appropriate for Appropriated Index Codes in a particular situation, make sure the expense remains with the department that it belongs to.  Budget Transfers move the budget to a different Index Code or category so that the funds can be spent in the proper Index Code or category.

Can I transfer revenues between Appropriated and Non-Appropriated Index Codes?

The BUDGET is the only funding source in an Appropriated Index Code, as a result NO revenue is ever allowed in Appropriated Index Codes.  Occasionally expenses will need to be reimbursed between Appropriated and Non-Appropriated indexes.  Reimbursement of expenditures between indexes IS appropriate, posting revenue is NOT.

Can I transfer expenses between Appropriated and Non-Appropriated Index Codes?

It’s okay to transfer expenses between Appropriated and Non-Appropriated indexes with these exceptions:

  • No transfer of funds using “Misc.-Intra Campus” account codes.
  • The transfer must be ‘actual’ expenses (they must have already posted in the Index Code the expenses are being moved from).
  • No transfer from Appropriated Index Codes to support a club or event;
  • Support for a club or event should be expended directly from the Appropriated Index Code.

Can I transfer funds to/from a Designated Project Index Code?

A Designated Project is used for carryforward funding for a specific project or purpose. These Index Codes should not have any revenue or labor costs posted to them. Transfers of actual expenses to or from a designated project Index Code are allowed.

How do I initiate a journal entry to transfer revenues or expenses?

Use the Journal Voucher form (found under the additional forms tab of this website). When completed email to Sandy Capell at The form should include the appropriate approval from the responsible party for the Index Code.

 If you have questions about the form contact Sandy Capell,, x8293.

How do I get Banner Finance training and access to UV Banner INB?

Prior to training be sure you have appropriate UV Banner INB access.  To gain UV Banner INB Finance access fill out the Banner Finance Access Form.  Have it signed by the responsible party of the department roll-up organization you are requesting access to, then return the completed form to Sandy Capell.  

You will be contacted with a UV Banner INB password and an invitation for training.  If you already have Banner Finance access, contact Sandy Capell to arrange for training.

How do I request a new Index Code?

The Banner Finance Request for New INDEX Code Form must be completed and sent to Wendy Rosenlof,, ext. 8108. This form can be found under the Banner Finance forms tab of this website.

Can I change the Responsible Party for an Index Code that is already in use?  

In order to change the responsible party for an Index Code the Banner Finance Request for Change of Responsible Party Form must be filled out and sent to Wendy Rosenlof, MS-109,, x8108 or Sandy Capell,, x8293. This form can be found under the Banner Finance forms tab of this website.

Can I transfer hourly wages or salary with a Journal Entry form?

Hourly wages cannot be transferred with a journal entry form.  The appropriate form is the Payroll Redistribution Form, (payroll forms link).

Salary transfers can also be accomplished with the Payroll Redistribution Form but should be done with the approval of the Budget Office.

How do I request a Petty/Impressed Cash fund for my Department?

Complete a Check Request form.  The form requires Name, UV ID, home address.  The person with name appearing will be personally responsible for the release of the Cash/Petty Cash Funds. Fill in a short description and the amount needed. The form must be signed by your supervisor – (not the person requesting funds).  Return the form to Sandy Capell, x8293 at Finance & Business Services, BA109N - call with questions.