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The Department of Finance and Economics provides students three different degrees to prepare them for professional development, including Personal Financial Planning (PFP), Finance, and Economics.   In the spirit of the engaged learning model characteristic of the Woodbury School of Business (WSB), students learn to apply the most recently researched theory of those varied disciplines with the pragmatic application of appropriate skills in the industry where they will spend their careers.  Most of the graduates from the department will participate in a paid internship working with a mentor providing services to clients’ and directly applying what they have learned in the classroom.  In addition, most of those graduating will not only leave with a degree but will also have achieved an industry accreditation proffered by an institution that represents a level of professional expertise expected by peers with whom they will be associated in their professional careers.

The Personal Financial Planning (PFP) at WSB is nationally recognized as one of the premier programs of its type in the nation.  It is the largest PFP program associated with an AACSB school of business and since its inception in the fall of 2011 has placed nearly all its graduates in professional positions in the industry.  The mission of the program is to prepare graduates as fee-for-service professionals with a strong ethical commitment to serve clients in managing assets, wealth, and preparing for financial success.  WSB PFP program students travel to national conferences, participate in competitions with students from other programs, meet a required paid internship responsibility, and through a number of these types of experiences demonstrate a balance of academic and pragmatic learning opportunities in their professional development.  The WSB was the first higher education institution in the nation authorized by the Certified Financial Planning (CFP®) Board to allow seniors to prepare and sit for the CFP® exam prior to graduation.  Graduates from this program have the opportunity to graduate with a degree as well as a CFP® accreditation as they embark on a professional career.

Finance majors from the department have also recently demonstrated remarkable achievement levels emulating the success of the PFP Program.  In 2015 the WSB installed a sophisticated lab of a dozen Bloomberg terminals, which along with associated course work, prepares students how to use the same technology commonly employed by most financial analysts working in the industry.  About that same time a WSB faculty member began a course to prepare students to sit for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam.  Seniors are eligible to take the first level of a three stage process to become CFA accredited financial analysts often described as the most difficult exam offered by the financial industry.  The national pass rate for seniors taking the exam is about seven percent, however, students participating in the WSB program have had a pass rate of some seventy percent over several years in the twice a year annual exam process offered by the CFA.  Again, WSB finance graduates have the opportunity to leave the institution not only with a degree but and industry accreditation to begin distinguished careers in their chosen profession.

Although more limited in numeric terms, students graduating with an Economics degree have demonstrated solid levels of success following their graduation from the WSB.  Many have gone on the graduate work in economics, law school, MBA, and other graduate programs.  Nationally, law school and MBA graduates with an undergraduate degree in economics have higher incomes and more stable employment records than students with other undergraduate degrees.  Individuals who leave with one of the three degrees offered by the Department of Finance and Economics are well prepared to move forward with an expectation of success as a result of their learning experience at the institution.  To graduate from a program with rigorous academic requirements, pragmatic industry experience, and an industry accreditation expected by the industry is the challenge and the promise for students who choose one of the programs led by the faculty who serve these individuals.


Lowell Glenn, Ph.D.
Chair, Finance and Economics

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