FAFSA Verification

The U.S. Department of Education has a process to verify financial information in order to ensure accurate data is being reported on the FAFSA. If you are selected for Verification, it is required that you complete the process in order to receive your federal student aid.


Submit completed verification documents no later than

Pell Grants

  • Fall and Spring Semesters: 100 days after the last date of enrollment
  • Summer Semester: Two weeks before the last date of enrollment

Direct Loan & Campus-based Programs

  • All Semesters: Two weeks before the last date of enrollment

Verification Checklist


Review Your Financial Aid Tasks in Student Forms


To view your required tasks to complete your financial aid file, create an account and log in to Student Forms.

Student Forms login


Complete and Upload All Required Verification Documents


There are web forms that must be completed within the StudentForms portal, and other documents are uploaded by using the Upload button listed under each task.

The Verification web form is signed electronically using your myUVU password.


Receive Financial Aid Award


If you were selected for Verification after being previously awarded, your financial aid award will be updated, if applicable.