Financial Aid  and Electing Credit/No Credit


Electing Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC) may have negative consequences for Financial Aid received for the current term and eligibility for future semesters. However, it will depend on a student's specific situation.  


If a student has a currently awarded university scholarship, electing Credit/No Credit may impact continued eligibility. Please check the terms and conditions for the specific award through the following site:


Credit Grade for a Course


For Federal Financial Aid purposes, Credit for a course will be considered attempted and completed successfully. However, it will not improve your overall GPA for Satisfactory Academic Progress. If a student takes Credit for a course and retakes it for a letter grade in a subsequent semester, it may make the course ineligible for aid.


No Credit Grade for a Course


For Federal Financial Aid purposes, No Credit for a course is considered attempted but not completed successfully. A No Credit grade may cause a student to fall below the minimum standards required for Financial Aid and cause the student to be ineligible for future Federal Financial Aid. Please review the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy at:


No Credit courses will be treated the same as an Unofficial Withdraw (UW). If the institution is not able to document that a student began enrollment in the course and/or earned all of the aid that was received for the course, the student may be required to pay the funds back to UVU.