The Federal Supplementary Equal Opportunity Grant is awarded to undergraduate students who meet specific selection criteria and is need-based aid.

How to APPLY

  • To be considered for a Federal Supplementary Equal Opportunity Grant, you must first complete the FAFSA. For information about how to complete a FAFSA, view the Need to Complete your FAFSA? webpage.
  • Additionally, you must complete any other required items, which could include verification. These required items can be viewed in your myUVU student account. Log in to myUVU, go to Students, Paying For My Education, My Financial Aid Requirements, select the appropriate Aid Year.


Students with the lowest Estimated Family Contributions (zero Estimated Family Contribution) are awarded first. If after this awarding, funding is still available, remaining Pell eligible students will be awarded in order of lowest to highest Estimated Family Contribution. If after this awarding, funding remains, all Pell Grant recipients who have reached their Pell Lifetime Eligibility of 600% would be awarded in order of lowest to highest Estimated Family Contribution. The fourth awarding would be for all students who are not Pell eligible but who have the lowest Estimated Family Contribution. Due to limited funding not all students with a zero Estimated Family Contribution will be awarded. 

If eligible, undergraduate students will be awarded a Federal Supplementary Equal Opportunity Grant of $800 for the aid year to be split in two equal amounts between Fall and Spring semesters.


After you are awarded, and if you are eligible, your Federal Supplementary Equal Opportunity Grant will be sent electronically to the Bursar's Office no sooner than ten days prior to the first day of your enrolled classes. Your Federal Supplementary Equal Opportunity Grant will first pay your outstanding tuition and fees and, if authorized by you, any other institutional charges. After this balance is paid, and if there is any excess federal student aid, the Utah Valley University Bursar's Office will refund the monies to you either by check through the U.S. Postal Service to the local address listed in your myUVU student account (this is the default method), or through direct deposit (which you may set up in your myUVU student account). If mailed, please allow 3-5 business days for the refund to be processed.

The Utah Valley University Financial Aid and Scholarships Office and Bursar's Office process federal student aid disbursements and refunds every business day. This refund money may be used for educational purposes and to pay the cost of attending Utah Valley University.


  • You must complete a new FAFSA and other application requirements each award year. For more information on the application process, visit our Need to Complete your FAFSA? webpage.


APPLY for Federal Student Aid at fafsa.ed.govLine of Arrows