Federal Work Study Program

General Program Information

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a work program and not a grant. The funds are earned by the student through working. To be considered for FWS, a student must first complete the FAFSA. Additionally, a student must complete any other required items, which could include verification, and which a student can review through their UVLink account.

For continued eligibility for FWS, a student must meet satisfactory academic progress each semester and continue to meet all other eligibility requirements. A student must complete a new FAFSA and other application requirements each award year. Please see our Eligibility page for more information.

For more information on the application process, please visit our How to Apply page.

General Terms, Conditions, and Eligibility Requirements

FWS funds are limited and are awarded to students who meet specific selection criteria. To meet the selection criteria, students must have completed all application and eligibility requirements, including verification and SAP. This does not guarantee that a student will receive an award. Awards are based on available funding and the date of file completion. Students must have financial need, which is based on the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and Cost of Attendance (COA). The EFC must be 10,000 or less. Priority is given to students who have had FWS awarded at UVU in the past.

If you are eligible and are awarded FWS, you must accept the award through UVLink. After accepting the award, you must contact a Financial Aid Counselor for a FWS referral form, which is a contract between you, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, and the department for which you work. You will also receive a FWS agreement form, which will detail the terms and conditions of employment under the FWS program. At the time of counseling, you will receive instructions on how to obtain employment. The FWS referral form must be completed and turned into the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office by the deadline given on the checklist.

Students who were awarded in the first group of awards had until August 15th to have the award accepted and a job in place for the 2015-2016 academic aid year. That meant that all documents, including ePAFs, should have been submitted to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office by that date. If this deadline was not met, the student’s award was canceled.

Additional awards have been awarded to eligible students. If you have been awarded, you have until the deadline published in the email notification sent to your UVLink account to have the award accepted and a job in place for the award year.  Any ePAF received after the deadline will not be accepted/approved. There will be no exceptions made to deadlines and/or any of the requirements listed above.

If the FWS award is not accepted in this time frame, the award will be canceled and the funds will be awarded to another student. Once an award has been canceled, the funds are no longer available as they have been reallocated to another student. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you complete your FWS paperwork and obtain employment two weeks before the deadline. Again, due to the high demand and reduced funding for FWS, a FWS award is only guaranteed by the date that will be indicated on the FWS agreement (or until funds are no longer available). This means student's FWS jobs are only guaranteed up to the date on the agreement. If you do not have a job in place by the date on the agreement, the FWS award will be cancelled without notice.

After the student completes the agreement and picks up the referral form, the student then searches for a position through student employment. A wide variety of jobs are available on campus. There are community service jobs available through the FWS program. If you have a FWS award and are interested in being employed in one of these positions, you may contact our office to see which positions are community service jobs. The hiring party or campus department will submit the required electronic forms to hire the student. All forms must be received and processed before paid work can begin.

Students will only receive the funds for the hours they work and must follow all UVU employment policies and procedures. It may not be possible to earn all of the FWS funding that is offered; therefore, a student's account may have unearned funds remaining at the end of the year. FWS wages are disbursed by electronic funds transfer (EFT) to a bank account designated by the student through Human Resources and the Payroll Office. FWS employees are paid on a two week lag cycle, which means that the first paycheck will be approximately two weeks after the student has started working. Please visit the Payroll Office for more employee information.

Please note that students with a FWS position may not have another employment position at UVU. A student employed under the FWS program must be meeting UVU's satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirements in order to remain eligible. Failure to meet these requirements will result in termination from the FWS position, as a student is no longer eligible for the FWS funds if SAP requirements are not met. Students are not permitted to change jobs after beginning FWS employment for the school year. Students must remain in the job/position for which he or she was hired for the duration of the assigned period. Otherwise, the student will forfeit any remaining FWS funds.

Federal Work Study Student Obligations

Students are expected to perform their work assignments professionally and responsibly. They are required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their responsibilities. Students who fail to perform satisfactorily will be removed from their work assignment and from the FWS program. Such students will forfeit their remaining FWS award. A student who accepts a FWS assignment agrees to:

  1. remain in the job for the duration of the assigned period (you may not change positions during the academic year);
  2. give regular and efficient performance on the job;
  3. be punctual and dependable (reporting for work each day at the scheduled time);
  4. notify supervisor, in advance, when illness or other circumstances prevent attendance at work;
  5. understand that all employee expectations, policies, and procedures apply to FWS employees equally;
  6. give adequate notice to both the supervisor and the Financial Aid Office when terminating a FWS assignment, if it is before the employment period is over; and
  7. notify the Financial Aid Office immediately if completely withdrawing.