What is the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment?


The Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment is an online session that will allow students and parents to see how much they have borrowed, preview what their monthly payments might be, and explain concepts such as capitalization, and the difference between federal and private loans. Starting in the 2020-2021 school year, borrowers of Federal Subsidized, Unsubsidized, and PLUS loans will be required to complete the Informed Borrowing Confirmation process once each award year before receiving disbursement of their loan.



Things to Know

What The Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment Contains



  • Loan Status and Forecasts
  • Estimated Monthly Payments
  • College Scorecard Data

How You Will Benefit 


  • Making informed choices by showing students and their parents how much they owe in federal student debt before agreeing to borrow more money to pay for their higher education.
  • Knowing the borrower’s obligation by calculating the monthly payments and the median salary that students can expect to receive after graduating from a specific college.
  • Understanding the balance for repayment by breaking down basic loan concepts, such as interest accrual and capitalization, and the difference between private and federal student loans.

How To Complete


After April 15th, 2020, log into your MYSTUDENTAID account using your FSA ID and password to complete this Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment requirement.

A Parent PLUS loan borrower is also required to complete this requirement, using their own FSA ID, not the student's FSA ID.