Frequently Asked Questions


Types of scholarships

Can I receive outside scholarships along with a scholarship from UVU?

Yes, you may receive outside scholarships. However, if you are applying for federal aid, scholarships will be counted as a resource.

Are there scholarships available for graduate students?

Generally, graduate students who have previously earned a bachelor's degree are not eligible to apply for UVU scholarships. UVU does have limited graduate scholarships, so please check with your department for scholarships that may be available.

Do you have scholarships available for students with disabilities?

You will need to contact the Accessibility Center on campus for more information. The Accessibility Center may have private money or information on applying for off-campus scholarships.

Why do you not have scholarship applications available for the spring semester for continuing students?

The departments are limited on the number of scholarships they can award, and they usually have more applicants than scholarships. The students who are not awarded for fall are placed on a waiting list in case funds become available for the next semester.

Credit hour requirements

Do I have to be attending full time to apply for scholarships?

No, you can apply without being a full time student. However, if you are awarded a scholarship, you will need to attend full time (minimum 12 credit hours).

Do you have any scholarships for part-time students?

No, but there may be a few privately funded scholarships.

How many credit hours am I required to take?

For most scholarships, 12 credit hours is the minimum. At 12-18 credit hours, the tuition remains the same. The scholarship will not cover tuition above 18 credit hours. Students who are awarded the Presidential and Exemplary Academic Merit scholarships and WUE will be required to take 15 credit hours per semester.

It is my last semester, and I don’t have 12 credit hours to take. Can I still receive my scholarship?

Concurrent Enrollment

If I have taken concurrent enrollment classes in high school, will I be considered a continuing student?

If you have not graduated from high school, you will be considered a new student for scholarship purposes. You are already admitted to UVU, but you will need to readmit before you can enroll for classes.

Transcript information

 How do I submit my transcript?

Grade transcripts from other institutions need to be official for scholarship consideration. Official transcripts to UVU means they are faxed or emailed high school transcripts that come directly from the high school. Faxed transcripts must include a cover sheet from the high school. Scanned and emailed transcripts should be emailed directly from the high school to Other areas on campus may also require official transcripts. Please check with them for their needs and submission process.

Grade transcripts should be mailed or faxed to:

Admissions & Registration Office
Utah Valley University
MS 106
800 West University Parkway
Orem, UT 84058-6703
Fax (801) 863-8913

Always consider the time factor when submitting by mail (must be postmarked by the February 1 deadline). Scholarship due dates are firm and strict.

If you have an official sealed copy of your transcript that you want to deliver, it can be brought to the Admissions office in the Browning Administration Building, BA 115.

I am applying for academic merit scholarships and sent my grade transcript to the Admissions Office. Does the Scholarship Office still need a copy?

No. If the Admissions Office receives a copy of your official grade transcript, that will be sufficient for scholarship purposes.

When is the deadline for the Admissions Office to receive my transcript and/or ACT scores?

The Admissions Office must have all transcripts and/or ACT/SAT scores by the scholarship deadline (March 1). All submissions by mail must be postmarked by this date.

Does my transcript need to be official?

Yes, we require an official transcript for scholarships.

Appeals and special circumstances

Is there a probation period for scholarships?

Yes, if you are receiving a renewable scholarship. Grades will be checked at the end of your second semester. You must have completed 75% of your required credit hours and your GPA cannot fall .3 points below your required GPA to be placed on probation. If you fail to meet those requirements, your scholarship will be canceled. Appeals will only be accepted for extenuating circumstances.

If I withdraw from my classes, will I have to pay back the scholarship?

Anytime you withdraw, you may owe money back to UVU.

Can I defer my scholarship?

Yes, if you have extenuating circumstances. Examples of extenuating circumstances are: religious/humanitarian service, military service, and medical reasons. If you plan on attending another college, we will not hold your scholarship. A Scholarship Deferment Request must be completed and uploaded or faxed to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office with the necessary documentation. We do not hold the following scholarships: privately funded, WUE, and non-resident waiver.

Award and status information

Did you receive my scholarship application?

You should receive an email confirmation through myUVU email if your application was successfully submitted.

How can I tell if I have been awarded a scholarship?

How much can I receive from a scholarship?

The amount can vary anywhere from partial to full tuition, unless otherwise indicated. If a student is offered more than one award, it may be necessary to indicate a preference. Combined award amounts may be less than or equal to full tuition, fees, and books.

Do I have to pay any money if I receive a full tuition scholarship?

Yes, you may be responsible for paying student and course fees. If you fail to pay these by the specified deadline, you will be assessed a late fee and possibly have your classes dropped.