Frequently Asked Questions

Types of scholarships

Can I receive outside scholarships                                                             along with a scholarship from UVU?

Are there scholarships available                                                                      for graduate students?

Do you have scholarships available                                                                for students with disabilities?

Why do you not have scholarship applications available for the spring semester for continuing students?

Credit hour requirements

Do I have to be attending full time                                                                    to apply for scholarships?

Do you have any scholarships                                                                          for part-time students?

How many credit hours                                                                                        am I required to take?

It is my last semester, and I don’t have 12 credit hours to take.                Can I still receive my scholarship?







Concurrent Enrollment

If I have taken concurrent enrollment classes in high school, will I be considered a continuing student?

Transcript information

 How do I submit                                                                                                   my transcript?  

I am applying for academic merit scholarships and sent my grade transcript to the Admissions Office.                                                                  Does the Scholarship Office still need a copy?

When is the deadline for the Admissions Office                                             to receive my transcript and/or ACT scores?

Does my transcript need                                                                                    to be official?

Appeals and special circumstances

Is there a probation period                                                                                for scholarships?

If I withdraw from my classes,                                                                          will I have to pay back the scholarship?

Can I defer my                                                                                          scholarship?

Award and status information

 Did you receive my                                                                             scholarship application?

How can I tell if I have been                                                                        awarded a scholarship?

How much can I receive                                                                                from a scholarship?

Do I have to pay any money if I receive                                                             a full tuition scholarship?