Form IconREQUEST TO HOLD Scholarship


LEAVING for an Extended Amount of Time?

If you are planning on taking an extended leave from Utah Valley University and you have been awarded a scholarship, you must:

  • Accept your scholarship award in myUVU.
  • Print, complete, and upload the Request to Hold Form PDF icon and required documentation, to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.
  • The Request to Hold Form should be completed prior to the beginning of the semester that you are requesting the hold.

Scholarships may be held for Missions, Military, Medical, and Humanitarian Service.

  • Missions - must provide mission call or letter from Ecclesiastical Authority.
  • Military - must provide military orders.
  • Medical - must provide Doctor(s) Statement.
  • Humanitarian Service - must provide a copy of email/letter from the humanitarian organization.

We will not hold:

  • Privately Funded Scholarships (because we do not know that the funding will be available from year to year).
  • Scholarships for students who are planning to attend another college or university before coming to UVU.
  • Scholarships for employment or marriage.
  • Non-Resident Waivers.