Scholarships are awarded a year or more in advance of the school year beginning. Students apply through the Online Scholarship Application after logging into myUVU. There are scholarships available for students new to UVU (transfers or just graduated high school) and continuing UVU students.

Scholarships are logged into our database with specific circumstances and additional student requirements, if any. 

Students will be notified of awards by email through their myUVU email. Acceptance of the scholarship is done through myUVU's Financial Aid Award page. Scholarship contracts will be viewable, and their instructions must be followed to keep the award. Any scholarships awarded but not accepted by the student will be canceled and awarded to another student. Any scholarship accepted but has unfulfilled requirements will be canceled and awarded to another student.

There are scholarships awarded by government agencies that are administered and awarded by the scholarship office. These applications are handled by the government agency. These awards must still be accepted as mentioned above, and their contract instructions followed.

Some scholarships do not require this application process. The student must check with their academic department identified by their selected degree or special organization to inquire on how to apply for their scholarships.

Scholarship CHECKLIST

Drop down gray arrow with circle 1. Meet basic eligibility requirements

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or Eligible Non-Citizen
  • Students enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESL), Global Aviation, or Off-Budget programs are not eligible.
  • Cannot have a previous bachelor’s degree.
  • Students who have received scholarships at Utah Valley University for a total of eight semesters are not eligible.
  • Each scholarship has its own specific eligibility requirements that must be met. 

Drop down gray arrow with circle 2. Complete Admissions process

To meet the February 1st deadline, and to access the Scholarship Application, complete the Admissions process at least three weeks before the February 1st deadline.

Concurrent Enrollment students must complete the re-admissions process.

Drop down gray arrow with circle 3. Send Official Transcripts

Official Transcripts must arrive to the Office of Admissions in one of the following ways:

  • Mailed directly from your high school in an officially sealed envelope to
    • Utah Valley University Attention: 
      Office of Admissions, MS 106 
      800 W University Parkway  
      Orem, UT 84058-6703

  • Emailed directly from your high school to the Office of Admissions at
  • Faxed directly from your high school, including the high school’s fax cover sheet, to (801) 863-8913
  • Hand delivered in an officially sealed envelope to the Office of Admissions

Drop down gray arrow with circle 4. Complete Scholarship Application

You must be admitted and have a UV ID number to access the Scholarship Application. To apply:

  • Click Apply Now
  • Log in using your UV ID and password
  • In the My Applications tab, complete and submit the General Application
  • By completing the General Application, you are automatically considered for scholarship opportunities that you meet the minimum criteria.  All scholarship opportunities are awarded based on the availability of funds.
  • Other scholarship opportunities are available that require additional information.  To view these, click on the Opportunities tab and select all scholarship opportunities that you would like to be considered for, and complete any additional requirements.

Drop down gray arrow with circle 5. Applying for Need Based Scholarships?

Complete the FAFSA application. Utah Valley University’s school code is 004027.            


Drop down gray arrow with circle 6. Check myUVU Email for award notification

Award notification will be sent to your myUVU email as soon as you are awarded. Awarding will be completed by July 1st. Denial emails for the Scholarship Application will also be sent at this time. Be sure to check your email on a regular basis. 

Drop down gray arrow with circle 7. Accept your Award Contract

You must accept your award contract by the date listed on the contract.

To accept your award: Go to, log in using your UV ID and password, Go to the My Applications tabclick Accept on any scholarships that have been offered to review and agree to the terms and conditions of the award.

Drop down gray arrow with circle 8. Leaving for an extended amount of time?

If you are planning on taking an extended leave from Utah Valley University and you have been awarded a scholarship, you must:

  • Accept your scholarship award in myUVU.
  • Print, complete, and upload the Request to Hold Form and required documentation, to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office

Privately funded scholarships cannot be deferred.   

Drop down gray arrow with circle 9. Review and pay balance

  • Scholarship funds will be applied to your student account no sooner than ten days before school starts.
  • Log in to myUVU, click on Students, Paying For My Education, then Tuition Payment Plus 

Drop down gray arrow with circle 10. How your scholarship will be applied

After you are awarded, and if you are eligible, your scholarship will be sent electronically to the Bursar's Office no sooner than ten days prior to the first day of your enrolled classes. Your scholarship will first pay the amount specified in your award contract. If there is any excess funds the Utah Valley University Bursar's Office will refund the monies to you either by check through the U.S. Postal Service to the local address listed in your myUVU student account (this is the default method), or through direct deposit (which you may set up in your myUVU student account).


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