UVU Reach

The UVU Reach Scholarship is available to new students who are willing to work hard and complete specific milestones on their path to completion. Qualifying students are given financial incentives to reach these milestones.


UVU Reach will help you stay on track to completing your degree.

Each of the following milestones will help students make important and timely progress toward graduation:

Milestone 1: $1,000 at the start of year two, after the student completes math QL and English 2010 within 30 credits AND within one academic year.

Milestone 2: $1,000 at the start of year three, after the student completes an associate degree within 65 credits AND within two academic years.

Milestone 3: The cost of tuition for the final semester (up to 18 credits) if the student is eligible to graduate at the conclusion of that semester AND within four academic years.

Repurposing over $680,000* to focus scholarship funds on areas directly related to student completion.

Must be a Utah resident.

*Note: This program is funded through tuition waivers. Some students may be offered multiple waivers. The value of the combined waivers cannot exceed the amount of tuition.