Upcoming Events

  • SLWC Game Night
    June 19

    Bubble ball soccer, Smash Bros. Tournament, bowling, rock climbing, dodgeball, WiiU and other great prizes giveaways! Whats not to love? It's all FREE for high school students and recent high school grads! Come hang out in our new Student Life and Wellness Center and have a blast! Click here for more info.

  • Movie Night: Insurgent
    July 17

    There is nothing like a FREE outdoor movie to make the summer that much better! Come hang out at UVU and watch this summer's blockbuster, Insurgent and play some campus Capture-the-Flag! Click here for more info.

  • UVU Music Fest
    August 14

    The UVU Music Fest features YOU! Are you or your band the next big thing? Sign up to perform at the UVU Music Fest! Do you want to check out music from the best local music scene in the country? Come hang out at UVU for the UVU Music Fest! Click here for more info on how to sign up to perform and other great info.

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    It's an easy 5 Steps to get you from application to attendance at UVU

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    UVU accepts college-level credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities.

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    Affordable tuition, safe communities and a low cost of living make UVU a prime choice.

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    UVU students bring a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds to campus.

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