Transfer Students


Transfer students play a pivotal role on campus by offering diverse perspectives from their pre-UVU studies.

UVU accepts college-level credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities as long as the courses taken were completed with C- grades or better. To see how your college or university credits will transfer at UVU, visit our Transfer Articulation Database and search for your previous school.


Transfer students should be aware of upcoming application deadlines and current admissions policies. Admission steps and online application information can be found on our Transfer Admissions page.


Non-resident transfer students can find information about how to qualify for Utah residency on the Residency Information page. There are 11 different ways for U.S. citizens or those with Permanent Resident Status to qualify for residency. 

Non-Resident Tuition Waivers

Even as a non-Utah resident you may qualify for in-state tuition at UVU. Go to our Reduced Tuition Program page to see the requirements for non-resident waivers.

Making the Transition


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