mutiple students siting and laughing with eachother, across the bottom a banner reads Wolverine Ambassadors 

Apply to be an Ambassador

Open Wolverine Ambassador positions are limited and restricted to students who successfully complete a competitive selection process.




  1. Be admitted to Utah Valley University
  2. Complete the Ambassador Application by February 1
  3. Be invited to Interview Day
  4. Attend Interview Day
  5. Be invited to join the program
  6. Accept the Invitation


  • A passion for representing Utah Valley University and its unique mission
  • The ability to be proactive and be a self-starter
  • Understands the value of diversity and ideas of others
  • The ability to effectively interact and advocate for others
  • Willingness to be a leader in various aspects of life whether they have an official position or not
  • Effectively works in a team by seeing the value of building trust and using effective conflict to make good decisions
  • Holds themselves accountable and sticks to their commitments