COVID-19 Modified Operations

Due to COVID-19 we have prepared to deliver GEAR UP Summer Bridge in a virtual format to ensure the safety of our students. Faculty and staff will be present online for the entire day with engaging and interactive workshops that will be held on Zoom and Canvas. GEAR UP Staff will assist you in setting these up if needed prior to Summer Bridge starting.


For more information, visit the Return to Campus website.


Coming Soon Summer 2021


GEAR UP Summer Bridge

GEAR UP Summer Bridge is a free program that gives GEAR UP students attending UVU this fall an opportunity to connect with peers and mentors, attend individualized workshops, and receive support as they transition to college. Get personalized help from UVU faculty with English and Math to prep you for your Fall courses.

Math Workshop: Students will refine their math skills with ALEKS (an online tutoring program) with professor assistance.

English Workshop:  Learn how to properly format, cite, and summarize an article, as well as develop understanding of key concepts such as rhetoric, literacy, and discourse communities.  Students will have  practiced one major assignment from ENGL1010: Introduction to Academic Writing. 



How to Apply: 

Coming soon Summer 2021!