Summer Bridge 2023

Come be a part of the Summer Bridge Program. Come connect with other students, get to know your mentors , explore UVU's campus, and improve your math skills before Fall Semester. Requirements to attend are previous acceptance into the GEAR UP program and commitment to attend all activities.

If you are interested in being part of GEAR UP Utah's Summer Bridge Program, send your completed  application  to Dori McClelland at and  complete the following survey concerning transportation and dietary restrictions using the link here.

About the Program

GEAR UP provides services for first year freshman through their first year in college both in and out of state. These services include:

  • Registration/Class Scheduling
  • FAFSA Renewal
  • Mentoring
  • Connecting to college resources
  • Reminders of dates and deadlines
  • Summer bridge for UVU students

student first years


Students under 18yrs old

Student 18yrs and older


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