• Gender Studies at UVU

Mission Statement of Gender Studies

The Gender Studies minor allows students to study the extent to which gender and gender relations are socially influenced. Students will examine the ways in which conceptions of masculinity and femininity directly impact social and political institutions and practices, cultural expressions (such as art, communication, media, literature, music, and film), law, education, business, scientific inquiry, interpersonal relations, sexuality and family. As an interdisciplinary program, the Gender Studies minor encourages students to examine gender from multiple academic perspectives. As such, the minor broadens students' understanding of their chosen major and career path while facilitating the recognition of gender dynamics in their own lives.


Minor in Gender Studies

Program Coordinator

Debjani Chakravarty
CB 210J
DebjaniC@uvu.edu | 801.863.5647


Kindra Amott
CB 506N