Distance Education

Distance Education Courses

We do NOT offer official Distance Education courses delivered evenings, weekends and through Distance Education Courses because Geomatics courses do not offer enough enrollment to make it cost-effective for the the university. In the interim we are willing to work with you on an individualized basis.

Steps to take if you live away from Utah County and the UVU campus:

  • Contact the Program Coordinator for permission to proceed with courses (field courses are not available via webcam)
  • Apply to the University
  • Register for the approved Surveying and GIS courses as though you will be attending on campus
  • Purchase a webcam and speakers or headphones for your computer
  • Ensure that you can communicate with others via live video using Google+ and the Hangout feature
  • Obtain a gmail account
  • Contact the faculty member teaching the course and ensure that your system works with he or she
  • You must attend class on the day and time appointed by the UVU schedule for that course.
  • You will participate along with all the other members of the class
  • Almost the entire program may be taken in this manner