Getting Started in Geomatics

How do I get started in the Geomatics Program?

Step 1 Contact Julie Harps, Geomatics Academic Adviser by phone at 801-863-8403 or by email at

Step 2 Apply to Utah Valley University

Step 3Establish a plan with your advisers assistance, in Wolverine Track

Step 4 Register for classes per your academic plan

Step 5 Complete the Matriculation Application into the Geomatics Program (due the end of February every year)

  • Matriculation Requirements(getting into the Geomatics program) are as follows:
  • 1. Before being formally admitted into the BS Geomatics, students must matriculate into the Geomatics Cohort (the final 2 years of the program) by either completing an AS in Geomatics with a minimum grade of C or better, OR by completing matriculation requirements 2 and 3:                  

    2. Complete the Business Computer Proficiency exam with 80% or higher OR complete IM 2010 (3.0 credit hours) with B- or higher

    3. Complete the following courses with a B grade or better:  

    •                SURV     1020      Introduction to Geomatics     (1.0)             
    •                EGDT     1040      Computer Aided Drafting--AutoCAD     (3.0)           
    •                EGDT     1400      Surveying     (3.0)             
    •                GIS         3600      Introduction to Geographic Information Systems     (4.0)  
    •                MATH    1060      Trigonometry     (3.0)    
    •                MATH    1210      Calculus I (4.0)     (may be taken Fall of matriculation year)
    •                ENGL     2310      Technical Communication     (3.0)          (may be taken Fall of matriculation year)
    •                EGDT     2400      Surveying Applications     (3.0)     (may be taken Fall of matriculation year)
    •                GIS         3620      Advanced GIS for Geomatics     (3.0)   (may be completed before graduation)      
    •                MATH    2040      Principles of Statistics     (4.0)     (may be taken Fall of matriculation year)

    4. All Geomatics students must complete a Matriculation Application by the appointed deadline during the Spring semester prior to the Fall cohort to which the student desires to gain entry. Subsequently official approval must be obtained from the Program Coordinator prior to taking any further Geomatics courses. 

Step 6 Register for Geomatics courses