Cyber Security club standing in front of the capitol

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Jim Demary


Center for National Security Studies

Our country and world are beset by critical national security issues—from global terrorism to cyber security, persistent and destabilizing conflict, nuclear proliferation and weapons of mass destruction, piracy and global pandemics. Studying and engaging national security has never been more important and UVU’s Center for National Security Studies will help students to understand these issues and make a contribution.

Utah has seen tremendous growth in national security-related jobs since 2001 and has consistently been well-represented in national security positions in Washington, DC and across the country. UVU’s Center for National Security Studies will produce graduates ready to meet the demands of this growing and critically important field.

The new center will offer a wide range of internship and career opportunities for UVU students and provide a forum for the UVU community to discuss cutting-edge national security issues.

UVU’s CNSS will also assist students in preparing for careers and advanced degree programs in fields with connections to national security studies, such as law, international relations, military, homeland security, criminal justice, public administration, and political science.

Please join us in supporting this new center and important program at UVU.