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Easing the Financial Barriers to Graduation

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The link between higher education and economic prosperity has been clearly demonstrated. Americans with bachelor’s degrees earn about $32,000 more annually than those with just a high school diploma. But there are other benefits of higher education. Americans with bachelor’s degrees are healthier, happier, and live longer.

We invite you to support Utah Valley University student success with a gift to the Completion Scholarship: Easing the Financial Barrier to Graduation. These financial awards will help prevent students in their final year from dropping out due to critical financial burdens. The award will help students struggling financially to complete their degrees so they can move on to greater economic stability and personal success.

UVU’s mission is student success. With the support of generous donors, we can ease the financial barrier to completion. Your gift will go directly into a scholarship fund to support students in their final year of college who are faced with financial difficulty.

Bachelor's degrees compated to high school diplomas:

  • Annual earnings are 134 percent higher
  • Incidence of receiving workers’ compensation is 2.4 times lower
  • Probability of being employed is 24 percent higher
  • Probability of being retired between the ages of 62 to 69 is about 25 percent lower
  • Life expectancy at age 25 is seven years longer (for those having at least some college compared to those never having attended college)
  • Probability of being in prison or jail is 490 percent lower
  • Probability of being divorced or separated is 61 percent lower


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