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First-generation students face greater challenges to completing higher education than students who have at least one parent with a bachelor’s degree. Many first-generation students come from families who don’t understand or support their decision to pursue higher education.

The top reason first-generation students drop out is financial difficulties. Scholarships and specialized resources are critical to help these students reach graduation.

UVU is finding solutions that significantly increase persistence and graduation rates for these students. Support such as faculty and peer mentorship, engagement activities, and networking opportunities is also crucial.

With your help we can serve more students and become a leader in first-generation student success through our innovative programming.

First Generation Student Facts

37% of UVU students are First Generation

More than 75% come from households with a combined income of $50,000 or less

Only24% of First Generation UVU college students complete Bachelor's Degrees, compared to 33% of other students

27% come from households with a combined income of $20,000 or less

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