College of Engineering & Technology

The College of Engineering & Technology prepares students for successful careers or advanced study in a dynamic, technology-based, global environment. The college utilizes an engaged learning environment to provide the needed technical knowledge, skills, and scholarship that enable students to excel in their chosen profession. In addition, the college is committed to mutually enriching relationships with alumni, government, regional industry, and beyond to supplement the classroom, provide real-world experience, and foster a desire for lifelong learning.


Scholarships are awarded to students demonstrating academic excellence and financial need. Scholarships provide assistance to those who otherwise may not be able to receive an education.

Engaged Learning Activities

Engaged learning activities provide enhanced learning opportunities which better prepare students for future careers in their fields of study. These activities include student projects, travel, and seminar registration.

Program Growth & Support

The College of Engineering & Technology is constantly growing, and its programs require financial support. This includes funding for lab equipment, technology upgrades, and student materials.

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