The Stronger Families Project

The UVU Stronger Families Project provides UVU students with outstanding, real-world learning experiences while improving the prospects of at-risk families in Utah County. The Stronger Families Project takes place at five different sites across the region in partnership with the Alpine School District. It serves about 150 families each year with free weekly classes, personalized support through home visits, counseling for individuals, couples, and families, and workshops on specific family-related issues such as finances and health, all at no cost to participants.

UVU students are given full site leadership responsibilities to increase their professional competence and confidence while providing critical help to low-income families who otherwise would languish on impossibly long waiting lists for similar services and programming.

The Stronger Families Project improves the quality of life for Utah County families by establishing healthy communication patterns, teaching parenting skills, and addressing mental health concerns. It reduces truancy, incarceration, and divorce rates and creates more satisfying family relationships and stronger, healthier communities.

Your gift to the Stronger Families Project helps cover the costs of the program and provides scholarships to the program's student interns from UVU's Master of Social Work program.

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