Student-Athlete Wellness Center


We prepare UVU Athletes to succeed in the classroom, in competition, and in life. Our current Wolverine Service Center for academic support lacks the space and utility to bring out the best in our student-athletes. Housed in 30-year-old dilapidated temporary trailers, the center lacks adequate space for team meetings, mentoring, studying and advising—which is crucial for academic and athletic success.


  • Anticipated costs: $22 million
  • Would be the first-ever centralized home for Wolverine Athletics
  • Will replace outdated Wolverine Student Center
  • New tutoring rooms, group study area, computer lab, fueling station, offices, weight room, medical offices, locker rooms, wrestling room, training/rehab areas


A new student athlete wellness center will solve many of the challenges our athletic programs face and will help UVU win recruiting battles. The center will provide student-athletes with clean and safe spaces to study and train. Support staff will have offices for effective private tutoring and physical therapy. Proximity to campus will allow student-athletes better access to campus resources, academic advisors and training in between classes.

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