UVU Student Emergency Fund

What is the Utah Valley University (UVU) Student Emergency Fund? 

Finances are the #1 reason students withdraw from UVU.  

National data from the Hope Center at Temple University indicates that many students discontinue their education due to emergency financial pressure that is $500 or less.  

UVU established the Student Emergency Fund in 2019 to support students facing a financial crisis. The goal is to alleviate immediate financial burden in order to enable students to remain enrolled and ultimately graduate – helping to spur their future economic stability and growth.

Students applying for emergency scholarships also receive guidance from staff in an effort to address any ongoing challenges they may be facing. 

A minimal amount of funding NOW can change the course of a student’s life forever. Your gift helps with unplanned emergency expenses, so students do not have to choose between school and basic needs.  


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UVU Student Emergency Fund Applicants 

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Thank you from UVU Student Emergency Fund recipients

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Class of '21

Major: History

"My baby came early and, at the same time, tuition for spring semester of my senior year was due. My husband and I did not have enough saved to cover medical expenses, school, and rent. The grant from the UVU Student Emergency Fund helped me stay enrolled at UVU – and made it possible for us to survive in-between paychecks. I would like to thank donors for helping us through this difficult time. I have now graduated and I'm looking forward to the future."

Deanna and her husband and six month old baby