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 Value-added learning

The Student Affairs office is here for students. We fully understand that student learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom. It is a cumulative experience with opportunities to learn everywhere, and in every experience, on and off campus. We facilitate those value-added activities vital to a successful education.

Our goal, and the richest aspect of our work, is to inspire students to fight through their various obstacles and continue forward to the realization of their dreams.

Although UVU is a commuter campus, our students still spend a good deal of time on campus. It is here that most of our influence is felt. During their out-of-classroom hours, our student affairs team steps forward to help students complement their learning and academic goals, stay physically and mentally healthy, and be socially engaged.

At UVU curriculum, culture, academic activity, and student affairs are joined to promote student success and to encourage each student to explore new possibilities and to make the most of and enjoy the full range of campus-life experiences. Through student life, they are encouraged to socialize, build networks of new friends, and, most importantly, prepare for fulfilling careers and lives of learning and service.