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A college degree can help a woman find success in every area of her life – from the relationships she has with her family and her community to her overall job satisfaction. Despite evidence showing the importance of a college education to overall well-being, many women do not complete degrees.

The UVU Women’s Success Center, founded in 2011, seeks to help all female students graduate by providing personalized support and removing barriers that prevent women from finishing degrees. Our programs include:

  • Scholarships
  • Success coaching
  • Women of UVU student chapter
  • Women Lead (a class designed to prepare women to serve in leadership roles in every aspect of their lives), and
  • Wee Care Center (offering affordable, accessible, quality on-campus child care specifically for parent-students at UVU).

The number one reason that women drop out of college is financial difficulties. Scholarships through the Women’s Success Center help women stay in school and do well while here. On average, women who hold Women's Success Center scholarships remain in school at rates 17 percent higher than their peers.

We believe in the power and impact educated women can bring to the world. That’s why we work to support, encourage, and assist students on their journey. Help us support our students by donating to the Women’s Success Center.


Facts About Women at UVU

Women make up 47% of UVU's student population and, on average, outperform their male peers academically. However, women complete degrees at significantly lower rates than men and frequently drop out of school around age 22.

Facts About Women in Utah

Cultural and economic factors increase the importance of a college education for young women in Utah. Utah has the youngest meidan age for first marriages in the nation and a divorce rate that is higher than the national average. While some young women in Utah do not anticipate the need to work, current data does not align with this vision.

  • 72% of women in Utah ages 20-59 are in the workforce.
  • 26% of women in Utah are the primary or sole earner.
  • 58% of married Utah women work outside the home.
  • 52% of single and dual-parent families with children under age six, have all parents working.
  • 27% of women in Utah never marry.