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Mission and Vision

The Office for Global Engagement strives to empower students to become competent and confident leaders and world citizens. For this purpose, we are launching the creation of a new student group to support our mission, the UVU Global Student Leadership Council (GSLC).  This council will enhance student success and leadership potential of its members by offering immersive international experiences, facilitating exposure to diverse cultures, and fostering diplomatic skills. The council will also be raising awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development GoalsThe council will be comprised of 4 to 6 students and members must be committed to council events, event programming and council success.

2022-2023 Global Student Leadership Council2021-2022 Global Student Leadership Council


Applications for the 2023-2024 GSLC will open in March 2023


Requirements to Apply

  • Posses a 3.0 GPA at the time pf application.
  • Be enrolled in and complete 12 credit hours each semester (Full-Time).
  • Must be able to commit for two semesters (Fall and Spring).
  • Must be able to attend all required meetings.

Council Member Benefits

  • Interact with foreign dignitaries and UN representatives.
  • Members of the council will travel to the United Nations* during Spring Break.*Based on satisfactory completion of requirements during the Fall semester.


Council Member Requirements

Council members must attend all meetings, attend/support 2 Global Engagement events and either lead an event or propose an event by November 15 to be successfully completing the requirements to continue on the council for thr Spring semester.

  • Requried  Monthly Council Meetings
    • Attend all required meetings and retreat:
      • Retreat (lunch included): August 2022 - 3-4 hours, lunch included (day to be determined).
      • Council Meetings* (lunch included) 12:00pm to 1:00pm, once  a month, LA 116 - CGIE Conference Room:
        Fall Semester   Spring Semester  
        September 2022 January 2023
        October 2022 February 2023
        November 2022 March 2023
        December 2022 April 2023
        *Council members that miss more than 1 meeting during the Fall semester will lose their place in the council for the Spring semester.
  • Sustainable Development Goal(s)  Event
    • Council members are required to lead, at least, one event that highlights one, or more, of the Sustainable Development Goals during the Fall or Spring Semester.
      • Events planned for the Fall semester must have event proposal submitted by September 15.
      • Events planned for the Spring semester must have event proposal submitted by November 15.
    • Council members will work with Office for Global Engagement staff for guidance and support. 
  • Council Member Support of Global Events

Council members must attend, or help with, at least 2 global events per semester, choosing from the following:

    • Global Conferences (Utah Diplomatic Conference on International Trade Relations) Spring semester
    • Global Spotlight (internationally focused, faculty-led lectures and presentations) 
    • United Nations Days events (i.e., International Peace Day, International Mother Language Day, International Women’s Day)
    • Events organized by other council members.
    • Other events approved by Global Engagement


Council Member Skills Gained

  • Leadership, communication, teamwork, organization and public speaking.
  • An increased ability to present yourself, the passions you wish to explore, and the kind of leader you want to be to universities and future employers.
  • Collaboration and involvement gained by working in an office setting.


Internship Credits

Council members will have the option to receive 3 Internships credits for each semester they are part of the council. Extra duties will be assigned to comply with internship requirements. Additional duties include, but not exclusive to, the following:

  • Assisting at Office for Global Engagement events
  • Tabling to promote Office for Global Engagement and events across campus
  • Conducting promotional campaigns for Office for Global Engagement.
  • Provide support during dignitary visits

To apply for Internship credit, find your advisor by clicking the following link.