ISA Study Abroad Programs

Students at Utah Valley University are now able to go on Study Abroad Programs with ISA (International Studies Abroad)! They will also be able to use Financial Aid as long as the proper documentation has been completed and they qualify. All documentation must be completed before travel.

All students that are interested in participating in an International Studies Abroad (ISA) program (regardless of your financial aid status) will need to do the following:

Program Discovery

  • Learn About ISA: Discover options for study around the world on ISA’s website.
  • Office for Global Engagement (GEO) Advising: Contact Paige Myers ( and speak with her about the UVU International Studies Abroad (ISA) application procedures.

UVU Application Procedure:

Once you have decided on a program, do the following:

  • Meet with the GEO Advisor: Discuss program and pick up a copy of the Financial Aid Budget Form and the Advanced Credit Approval Form. These forms need to be completed and approved before you apply for your ISA program.
  • UVU Online Application: Fill out the UVU application by clicking on the following link and select the ISA - International Studies Abroad from the dropdown menu. This application requires a $75 non-refundable application fee.
  • Payment of Insurance Fee: Once accepted, you will be required to pay a non-refundable insurance fee ($300 for semester long programs and $100 for shorter programs). The Insurance Deposit is to pay for international health, safety, and evacuation insurance required by UVU policy 252. Tuition, housing, and other ISA program costs will be charged separately by ISA. International Studies Abroad, your host university, or host country may require you to purchase additional insurance. 

Apply for ISA Program

  • ISA Application Procedures: ISA has a separate application process (which includes application fees) that you will need to closely follow for course registration, housing, orientation, etc..  Paige Myers at UVU will sign any paperwork required by a ISA advisor.

 Complete UVU Pre-Travel Documentation

 All students traveling abroad need to complete the following:

  • Assumption of Risk and Release: You will be required to complete an Assumption of Risk and Release form via Docusign.
  • Export Control: You will be required to complete an Export Control form via Docusign.
  • Passport and Visa information: You must have a passport for international travel. You will be given specific instructions for completing your visa requirements for entry as a student to your host country by ISA. The Office for Global Engagement (GEO) is not responsible for obtaining visas for travellers.
  • Registration for placeholder courses: You are required to complete an Advanced Credit Approval form that lists the courses (equivalent to UVU 12+ credits) you intent to take abroad and transfer back.  This form must be signed by the department chair for each course you plan to take. You will be registered for 12+ credits of an International Study Abroad course designated with a ZZZ prefix that will act as a place holder for the credits you will transfer back from ISA and your host university. There is no UVU tuition associated with this course.
  • STEP Registration: U.S. citizens should register with the U.S. embassy in their host country via the STEP program. 

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid: If you want to use Financial Aid to help pay your tuition and cost of attendance, you will need to complete the Study Abroad Financial Aid Budget form before meeting with the Financial Aid Office. You will also need to submit the Student Certification Form to the Financial Aid Office before you depart. The Financial Aid Office will require you to submit a Student Verification of Enrollment form upon arrival to your host university and a Certificate of Attendance form before you return.


 You will receive other email communications from in the UVU Office for Global Engagement and from representatives from ISA.  You are responsible for responding to requests for information and for following instructions. Please contact Paige Myers with any questions or concerns.

Cost of Programs

Semester long programs can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000. This may seem expensive but if you compare to the cost of attending UVU for one semester then the difference is only a few thousand dollars. Scholarships are available through ISA, see this link for more information.

Admission into a UVU Study Abroad program is non-discriminatory. UVU admits persons without regard to gender, race, creed, religion, national origin, age, or disability who meet UVU's academic requirements, agree to abide by the Student Rights and Responsibility Code of Conduct, and are otherwise qualified.