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Wednesday October 5, 2022
13:00pm - 14:00pm

All presentations will be 20 minutes followed by 5-10 minute Q & A session. If there 2 presentations in the same hour, then the Q & A session will happen after the presentations. Technology support for presentations may not be available.

Click on the SDG link to see all the abstracts for tht particular SDG.

SDG   Topic   Presenter(s) Name   Building and Room Number  
SDG 1   El diseño de una máquina peladora de Aloe Vera   Andere Gomez Yabar   Liberal Arts LA 212  
SDG 2   Assessment of Sustainable Food Systems in Mountain Regions of India Through Climate Smart Agriculture During Covid-19 Pandemic: The Case Study of AI for Rural   Priyank Prem Kumar  

Liberal Arts LA 204

SDG 2   Addressing Campus Food Insecurity with CARE   Amber Hendrickson   Liberal Arts LA 025  
SDG 3   SDG Roadmap to a Healthier World: Why Nurses Matter   Janice Hawkins   Clark Building CB 301  
SDG 3   Reducing Child Mortality in Sierra Leone with a Sustainable Diagnostics Device for Sickle Cell Disease   Laura Duffany   Clark Building CB 301  
SDG 3   The Urgent need for Multisectoral Action on Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance in sub-Saharan Africa to Achieve Good Health and Well-being   Armel Jackson Seukep   Clark Building CB 106  
SDG 4   Global Goals and Gateways: Co-curricular Programs and the Liberal Arts   Melissa Nelson   Education Building ME 101C   
SDG 5   Gender Disparities in Educational Attainments: Does Gender Gaps Matter?   Kunal Rao   Clarke Building CB 206A  
SDG 5   Poverty, Gender Equality, and Birth Control Access   Merriah Hamaker   Clarke Building CB 404  
SDG 5   Women in Government: The Fight for Female Representation in Leadership and Decision-Making in Nigeria   Emma Hartmann   Liberal Arts LA 235  
SDG 6   The Study of Clean Water and Sanitation in Bunyenye and Bunyaka Villages in Luwero District SDG 6   Rebecca Nakato   Clark Building CB 106  
SDG 6   Sustainable Irrigation: Balancing Return Flows with Efficiency   Robert Sowby   Science Building SB 279  
SDG 7   Development of Efficient Organic Solar Cells   Lakshimi Viwanath   Liberal Arts LA 116  
SDG 8   Diseño y evaluación de políticas sostenibles: un modelo para la empleabilidad juvenil en el marco del ODS 8   Ana Diaz Alvarez   Liberal Arts LA 233  
SDG 10   Wednesday’s Voyeur   Ligera Edmonds-Allen   Education Building ME 105  
SDG 10   Income Inequality and What Defines a Wealthy Country   Lucas Parrish   Education Building ME 105   
SDG 11   Efficient Energy and Sustainable Designs for Tiny Homes   Kim Nielson   Liberal Arts LA 116  
SDG 16   Genocides of Coloniality: Power, Race and Genocide as a Foundational Practice in Colonial America   Lia Baez Vidal   Clarke Building CB 206A  
SDG 16   Untapped Power of Worldview Motivation: How Interfaith Engagement Might Grow Your Work   Ellie Thompson   Liberal Arts LA 235  
SDG 17   BBK Kuna: social innovation and sustainable development, from local to global   Eider Serna   Liberal Arts LA 233