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Thursday October 6, 2022
9:00am - 10:00am

All presentations will be 20 minutes followed by 5-10 minute Q & A session. If there 2 presentations in the same hour, then the Q & A session will happen after the presentations. Technology support for presentations may not be available.

Click on the SDG link to see all the abstracts for tht particular SDG.

SDG   Topic   Presenter(s) Name   Building and Room Number  
SDG 1   Housing Security and Interventions to Homelessness   Maren-Machel Ostlund   Education Building ME 105  
SDG 3   Gestión de los Centros de Salud Física y Mental: Radiografía de los Desafíos en el Perú  
Jazmin Sanchez 

Liberal Arts LA 206

SDG 3   Tsunami Preparedness in Indonesia: The WAVES Initiative   Sara Hall   Liberal Arts LA 202  
SDG 3   EcoRealm: Biophilic Solutions to Improve Student Wellbeing   Giavanna Gast   Clark Building CB 301  
SDG 3   Vision for Everyone: Accelerating Progress Towards the SDGs through Eye Health   Brook Blanchard   Clark Building CB 301  
SDG 4   Why Rural Access to Quality Education Matters   Mary Michelle Arsenault   Education Building ME 104  
SDG 4   UVU Excelerate: a scalable project-based summer program to retain and engage students   Tammy Clark    Education Building ME 101C   
SDG 4   Strengthening Civil Society Capacity for Education for All In Republic of Benin   Faissou Amadou   Education Building ME 104  
SDG 5   Meeting the Challenges of Gender Inequality and Poverty for Persons with Disabilities: Lessons to be learnt from Best Practices in Cameroon   Christiana Abonge   Liberal Arts LA 202  
SDG 5   Can Performance and Representation Improve Public Perceptions of Police Legitimacy in Pursuing Domestic Violence Case?   Kimberly Madsen   Clark Building CB 404  
SDG 6   Empowering Cambodian Lives, A Collaborative Effort to Improve Sanitation and Well-Being   Brian Barthel   Liberal Arts LA 116  
SDG 8   Fortalecer el emprendidurismo productivo de jóvenes, con enfoque micro empresarial e inclusión de género   Casto Willy Mendoza   Clarke Building CB 404  
SDG 9   Promoting Sustainable Development Goals Through Project-Based Learning: A Case Study of the Concept Center   Mary Foss   Education Building ME 101C   
SDG 10   Math Mentors: A Successful Solution for Helping Students Overcome Roadblocks   Jake Reed   Education Building ME 105   
SDG 11   Improving Air Quality by Reducing Aircraft Fuel Use and Emissions with Semi-Autonomous Electric Tugs   Brett Stone   Liberal Arts LA 122  
SDG 12   An Exploration of How Large Corporations Use Sustainable Development Goals and Standardized Reporting Structures Within their Sustainability Strategies   Michael Bown   Liberal Arts LA 122  
SDG 12   Political Responsibility for “Blood Diamonds”: A Philosophical Examination of Structural Injustice in Production Chains   Mariana Bittermann   Keller Building KB 362  
SDG 15   Great Salt Lake Matters: Robust Outreach Informs Local Communities   Kalani Egginton   Liberal Arts LA 116  
SDG 16   Gender Based Violence in Armed Conflict and Displacement and Sustainable Development Goals: A Case Study in International Law   Nandini Praveen   Enviromental EN 112