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Thursday October 6, 2022
13:00pm - 14:00pm

All presentations will be 20 minutes followed by 5-10 minute Q & A session. If there 2 presentations in the same hour, then the Q & A session will happen after the presentations. Technology support for presentations may not be available.

Click on the SDG link to see all the abstracts for tht particular SDG.

SDG   Topic   Presenter(s) Name   Building and Room Number  
SDG 1   Ending Poverty and Inequality: What Matters and Why   Warner Woodworth   Education Building ME 118  
SDG 3   Improving Health and Well-Being: Flaws in COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing Procedural Techniques   Mattie Murphy   Clark Buildin CB 212  
SDG 3   Understanding the True Healthcare Impact of Nonprofits Serving the Navajo Tribe During the Covid-19 Pandemic   Mohan Sudabattula   Clark Buildin CB 212  
SDG 3   International Collaboration in Nursing Education: A Key Strategy to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals   Raiden Gaul   Liberal Arts LA 116  
SDG 4   Global Goals and Gateways: Co-curricular Programs and the Liberal Arts   Melissa Nelson   Education Building ME 108  
SDG 4   Training students to apply Computational Thinking to solve locally-relevant Authentic Problems   Vishvanath Falegaonkar   Education Building ME 101C  
SDG 4   Quality Education, The Foundation of Economic and Social Development in Africa   Arthur Niyonuru   Education Building ME 101C  
SDG 4   The First Phase of Development of Health Learning Package by Applying Technology Based with Autonomous Learning Approach to Enhance Covid-19 Literacy and Health Behaviors as Lifelong Learning Skills   Rungrawee Samawathdana   Clark Building CB 213  
SDG 5   Hetero-Compulsory Sandwich   Eliza Hallinan   Liberal Arts LA 032  
SDG 8   Financial Development, Governance Systems and Economic Freedom as Determinants of Financial Inclusion   Laura Muro   Liberal Arts LA 203  
SDG 8   Decent Work and Wellbeing in Modern World of Work: Empirical Evidence from Delhi NCR Region   Anu Rao   Liberal Arts LA 228  
SDG 9   Circular Economy from Rice Husk Biomass: New Perspectives   Herbert Rossetto   Liberal Arts LA 203  
SDG 9   Partnering to Maximize the Impact of Technological Innovation in Postharvest Processes in Rural Areas   Michael Sone   Keller Building KB 462  
SDG 10   Narrativa Transmedia Corporativa: Un Modelo Para Promover el Compromiso por los Objectivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de la Agenda 2030   Maria Delfino   Education Building ME 122  
SDG 10   Addressing the Growing Gender Inequalities in New Conflict Areas in Africa: The Case of Cameroon and Nigeria   Emmanuel Yenshu   Education Building ME 122  
SDG 12   Combatting the Plastic Waste Crisis through Micro-Recycling Facilities across the Philippines   Cayla Brint   Clark Building CB 512  
SDG 12   International Quality Pressures and Banned Pesticides in Peruvian Quinoa   Angie Higuchi   Clark Building CB 204  
SDG 16   Issues in Refugee Adaptation After Resettlement   Natasha Byrd   Liberal Arts LA 123  
SDG 16   Refugee policies and public perception   Rahel Meyer   Liberal Arts LA 123  
SDG 16   Authorizing the Use of Visual Force: Strategic Analysis and Examination of Incriminating Visual Images Presented at the United Nations Security Council   Maayam Amir   Education Building ME 118  
SDG 16   Establishing Rule of Law for Equal Justice in Rural and Mountainous Colombia:  A Case Study of the Post-Conflict Era   Dallas Karren/Alitha Thompson   Education Building ME 123  
SDG 16   Entrepreneurship and Peace in Nigeria’s Oil Region: Why Sustainable Development Matter   Obasesam Okoi   Liberal Arts LA 214  
SDG 17   Bea”Utah”ful Collaboration: A Case Study of a Collaborative Research Project   Maria Blevins   Liberal Arts LA 032