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For meeting information contact Shauna Reher at 801-863-7348.

Graduate Council Members

Name School/College Term expires
Reed Criddle School of the Arts 6/30/2020
Christopher Goslin University College 6/30/2020
Deborah Escalante School of Education 6/30/2020
Kristi Askew Graduate Student 6/30/2018
Debanjan Bhattacharjee College of Science 6/30/2018
Elijah Nielson College of Humanities and Social Sciences 6/30/2018
Jeff Maxfield College of Health and Public Service 6/30/2018
Jeff Peterson Woodbury School of Business 6/30/2019
Susan Thackeray College of Technology and Computing 6/30/2019
David Connelly Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs  
Jim Bailey Director  
Shauna Reher Administrative Assistant  



Office of Graduate Studies
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Director of Graduate Studies
Jim Bailey -

Administrative Assistant
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