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Apply for FALL 2017 graduation by October 6, 2017.

*Please finalize your registration prior to applying.

How to Apply for Graduation

Graduation is not automatic. Prospective graduates must complete the online Graduation Application via their Wolverine Track in myUVU. Applicants may also be required to fill out additional forms/surveys. Transcripts from other colleges/universities do not have to be received at UVU prior to completing the graduation application, but must be received before degrees may be awarded.

To access the Graduation Application via Wolverine Track in myUVU:
(Read all instructions prior to linking to myUVU)

  1. Login to myUVU;
  2. Click on Go To Wolverine Track (located on the top right below Canvas);
    • OR Click on the Student tab then Registration and Planning link then Wolverine Track link (under Plan Your Education);
  3. Click on the Launch Wolverine Track button;
  4. In the new Wolverine Track window, click on the Apply for Graduation link;
    * located under Degree Progress bar - highlighted in yellow (75% complete or above) or tan (below 75% complete)
    (larger image)
    Image showing location of Apply for Graduation link
  5. In the new Graduation Application window, read all text and answer all questions on every page until you reach the Submitted for Review - 100% Complete page;
  6. When finished, close the Graduation Application and Wolverine Track windows.

* The default web browser for Android mobile devices currently does not allow optimal functionality with Wolverine Track.

After submitting the application, check your myUVU e-mail. You will receive 2 e-mails per application:
(contact the Graduation Office immediately if you do not receive these e-mails)

  1. Copy of your graduation application (received immediately);
  2. Confirmation from the graduation office after they have reviewed and accepted - or not accepted - your application (received within 1-2 weeks).

The graduation office will notify students in the confirmation e-mail of any requirements listed in the My Grad Track Audit which the student did not indicate while completing the graduation application. It is the student's responsibility to complete all requirements listed on the application, associated audit and e-mail(s) from the graduation office during the application semester.


Have I Met the Graduation Requirements?

Check your progress toward graduation by viewing your Wolverine Track in myUVU. Please contact your Academic Advisor or the Graduation Office for questions regarding the Wolverine Track audit.

Commencement Ceremony Students Cheering


Semester: Summer
Application Deadline: First Friday in June (Jun 2, 2017)
Completion Deadline: Last Day of Semester (Aug 11, 2017)
Requirement Deadline: September 15th

Semester: Fall
Application Deadline: First Friday in October (Oct 6, 2017)
Completion Deadline: Last Day of Semester (Dec 16, 2017)
Requirement Deadline: January 15th

Semester: Spring
Application Deadline: First Friday in February (Feb 2, 2018)
Completion Deadline: Last Day of Semester (May 3, 2018)
Requirement Deadline: May 31st

All graduation requirements (coursework, exams, etc.) must be fully completed by the Completion Deadline (last day of the graduation application semester).
Additionally, all requirements must show as complete (100%) in Wolverine Track by the Requirement Deadline.

Requirements may include, but are not limited to:

  • All Current Semester Grades
  • Incomplete 'I' and Missing 'M' Grades
  • Grade Changes
  • Challenge and Experiential Credit
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Credit
  • CLEP and DSST Credit
  • Required Testing
  • Departmental Exceptions
  • Other Non-UVU (Transfer) Credit

Failure to comply will cause the student's graduation to be declined for that semester. The student must then apply for graduation for another semester.


Cost of Graduation

Effective Fall 2013 semester:

  • FREE IF graduation application is received by application deadline; or
  • $25 IF graduation application is received during late fee period (this is a non-refundable processing fee per graduation application which is paid as part of the online graduation application process).

Students wishing to participate in UVU graduation ceremonies (called Commencement & Convocations) must submit a separate ceremony registration form. There is no cost to submit the ceremony registration form but participants may have additional costs in the following areas:

  • Black Cap and Gown & Green Stole (Required)
  • Announcements
  • Honor Cords (Associate Degrees)
    Medallions (Bachelor Degrees)

For more information on ceremony costs, view the Commencement web page or contact the Graduation Office.