With the chaos, confusion, and commotion of today’s public policy environment, now more than ever the voice of an experienced policymaker is needed to sift through the rhetoric and clearly outline good public policy that drives results for continued economic prosperity.

Mike Pence Portrait

Mike Pence Forum

Tues. September 20, 2022 Start at 11:30 - 12:30 pm
UVU, The Concert Hall of The Noorda Center for the Performing Art


dr arther laffer

Dr. Arther Laffer

Tues. March 22, 2022 Start at 9:30 - 10:30 am
UVU, Keller Building, Woodbury Executive Hall (KB401)



The Herbert Institute in partnership with the Woodbury School of Business and the Young America's Foundation invite you to hear a lecture from Dr. Arther Laffer Renowned economist, and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient. The Father of Supply-side Economics. Dr. Laffer’s career has been marked by experience and success in business, in public policy, and as an academic economist and professor. A member of President Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board, Dr. Laffer is a highly sought after lecturer and presenter.

Herbert Institute Forum: Legislative Preview

11:00 am, Fri. Jan. 14, 2021
UVU, Clark Building, Labor and Honor Room (CB510)



Brad Wilson, Speaker of the House, District 15
Rep. Jefferson Moss, Majority Whip, District 2 
Rep. Val Peterson, Assist. Majority Whip, District 59
Rep. Stephen Whyte, District 65
Gary Herbert, (Moderator) Governor, Director, Gary R. Herbert Institute for Public Policy
Justin Jones, (Emcee) Executive Director, Gary R. Herbert Institute for Public Policy

Paul Ray headshot

Rep. Paul Ray, Co-chair, Utah Legislative, Redistricting Committee  

Gary R. Herbert Public Policy Forum Sep. 9, 2021
UVU, Fulton Library Lecture Hall



Governor Gary Herbert hosted Utah Legislator Paul Ray to discuss the once in a decade event of drawing political boundaries. Joining the crowd of over 30 students, faculty, and staff, via Microsoft Teams, Rep. Ray provided insight into the process for redistricting the Utah Congressional districts, Utah House and Senate Districts as well as the State School Board. Following his presentation, students and faculty were able to ask questions moderated by Governor Herbert. “I am excited to participate in our first student forum for the Fall 2021/22 school year,” said Gov. Herbert. “We intend to have many more of these forums to encourage political involvement, discuss relevant issues, and provide insight into the future of Utah.”


 Paul Ray Lecture

Tim Shriver headshot

Dr. Tim Shriver, President/CEO, Special Olympics, Founder, UNITE

Gary R. Herbert Public Policy Forum May 19, 2021
UVU, Fulton Library Lecture Hall



“The founder of UNITE, Dr. Tim Shriver, spoke recently at the Herbert Public Policy Forum at Utah Valley University. “Whether we agree on every issue,” he said, “we can find ways to be creative on every difference.” He believes the number one problem we face today – and there are many – is the crisis of trust and meaning between us, which, as we’ve seen, leads to hatred, contempt and demonizing. “Will the uniter prevail?,” he asked. “Or will the divider prevail?””


Other topics for the future:

  • Fundamental governing principles of our democratic republic
  • Civic engagement
  • Free market principles
  • State’s rights /federalism/appropriate roles of government
  • Public land and wildlife management
  • Public health policy in a pandemic
  • Election security, primaries, and the citizen vote
  • Water policy
  • Energy policy
  • Other topics as needed